Default My development files and About donation for me

I uploaded my dev files on some threads. but for the convenience, I write this thread for streak developer.

CM7 dev file -> mediafire dbzrp78zrsu4558
CM9 dev file -> mediafire s3dvjw58kpw9by2
CWM dev file -> mediafire q3f9zo3ny5z6i2n
MIUI US ver. -> mediafire 33jrxu2g5slwerq

Below is my opinion about the donation for me.

First of all, thank you so much for your thought of donation for me.
and I say result first that I will not receive donation.

I just develop something for enjoyment. (likely play the game.)
When my codes were working successfully, I couldn't contain my joy.

But if I receive donation, I think that I will have sense of duty because of my personality.
(I will think that I must repay for your donation. and development wil be not my enjoyment any more...)
Then I will develop something quickly for you, but It could bring disappointing only.... T^ T;;

Thank you very much to you again, I don't receive any donation... I think I'm so weird... hehe.... ;;

Finally, I don't think i'm not a man deserving of donations. ;;;;
Because there are a lot of good people than me... I think... ;;;;;;;;

All of my dev files are posted above. and You can develop awesome thing than I developed!