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How is the market a play thing? How does Google Play Music , Google Play Books make sense? Well, Google Play Music sorta makes sense... But why Play? Aiming at Playstation-esque name or Apple's Gamecenter?

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Agreed 100%

Play as in Playing a movie is a nice idea but because of the other definition... Wow. Please Google, correct this fast! Please some up with another word!
The English teacher in me is coming out, so prepare for the dorkiness. I believe Google is using the term "play" in regards to its definition of "employ oneself in diversion, amusement, or recreation." In which case, Google Play makes absolute sense. I am going to employ in the amusement of apps, music, books, movies, etc. To me, it makes more sense than iTunes. Tunes refers to music. So by definition of name, it doesn't make sense for iTunes to have movies, books, or anything non-music related.

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yes the Google play store icon looks like this

I like it

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I like the icon, but I'd like the center symbol to be more prominent. More symbol, less bag.

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