Just curious if anbody can confirm, that this still works?

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Here's another little goody for this ROM. 4 way reboot mod.

Copy the android.policy.jar file to your sdcard then using ES explorer or whatever, copy that to /system/framework.
Backup your original android.policy.jar just in case you need it.

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Using 7zip on Windows will make this pretty easy. Connect and mount your phone, then browse to MIUI/theme. Find the theme you want, copy it to your PC. Now right click on the theme, 7zip > open archive.

Double click com.android.contacts. (I found some themes you have to actually unzip first, 7zip would not let me browse com.android.contacts).

Once in com.android.contacts, browse to res > drawable-hdpi-finger. Copy all the png's from that folder to res > drawable-hdpi.

Now in drawable-hdpi, rename the following;

dialer_background.png to dialer_background.9.png
dialer_btn_call_normal.9.png to dialer_btn_call_normal.png
dialer_btn_call_pressed.9.png to dialer_btn_call_pressed.png

That will get you the basic theme like I attached. As you can see, spacing is slightly off, which is what I'm working on now.

bobbylx can you share the keyboard you worked on, on this post, as a cwm zip file?