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16th March 2012, 10:49 AM |#1669  
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OK! since HTC is failing to feed my thirst about the One X information

one of my favorite websites, eurogamer just posted a gaming centric review of the Transformer Prime, they love it! here what they said about the Tegra 3, sorry mod but the T prime is our only real world benchmark of the Tegra3 right now

Hard (Quad) Core Gaming
With a quad core CPU and a 12-core GeForce graphics processor concealed beneath that lush aluminium casing, it should come as little surprise to learn that the Transformer Prime is a class apart when it comes to intense 3D visuals - and that means console-quality gaming on a device that is thinner than your average newspaper.
NVIDIA is clearly keen to stress the tablet's strength as a gaming platform, as it includes a custom Tegra Zone application which highlights available games that make use of the additional power provided by the chip. Most of these are games already available on Android which simply harness the strength of the Tegra 3 to boast improved visual effects, but there are some exclusives. Wave Race-wannabe Riptide contains some amazing water effects, while Bladeslinger offers up graphics which would not look out of place on your PS3 or 360 - and running at a higher resolution too. Lamentably, the gameplay isn't comparable, but it offers a tantalising glimpse of just how impressive the Transformer Prime is as a gaming system.
It's here that the tablet's impressive connectivity is called into play. The keyboard dock has a USB port (sadly just the one, unlike the dock seen on the original Transformer, which offered two), into which you can plug a wired 360 pad or a PS3 pad with the USB connection lead attached. Because Android has native controller support, these devices are immediately recognised and do not require any configuration or set-up. Load up the superb Shadowgun, and the controls are automatically mapped. The difference in playing this kind of game on a proper pad compared to a touch-screen is immense; what was previously a rather clumsy affair becomes a visually arresting and hugely enjoyable third-person shooter - and one that is available for the princely sum of 3.49 in its Tegra-supporting guise.


A selection of screenshots from some of the game we tested on the new Transformer Prime, captured via Android's screenshot tool at the full 1280x800 resolution of the screen. Curiously, Grand Theft Auto 3 appears to be upscaled on this device.


However, we all know that in the tablet space, Android isn't calling the shots. Apple's iPad remains the leader in this sector, and when compared to the upgraded model the Transformer Prime's supremacy is less assured. The iPad benefits immeasurably from unparalleled developer support, and has a digital storefront that is literally bursting with apps and games. Android tablet apps are few and far between, and as a rule the Google Play market (formerly known as the Android Market) is usually a few months behind the App Store when it comes to essential downloads.

Apple is even claiming that it has technological dominance over the Transformer Prime, going as far as to state that the New iPad's A5X chip offers four times the power of the Tegra 3. This boast has been made without any solid evidence or reliable benchmarking and is therefore impossible to substantiate at the moment, but it's reasonable to assume that games on the New iPad will look as good - if not better - than those on the Transformer Prime.

Still, the iPad isn't for everyone. If you're looking for an alternative tablet which is flexible, powerful, has incredible battery life and comes bristling with expansion options, then this is your dream ticket. [Updated: correct iPad pricing added] When you consider it retails for only a little more than the mid-range 32GB WiFi version of the new iPad, the deal becomes even more attractive - the only cloud on the horizon is the forthcoming release of its successor, the Transformer Pad Infinity, which packs a higher resolution display.

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