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CM7 used user-supplied /system/etc/custom_backup_list.txt to back up files, which you can use to back up /system/lib/lge-ril.so

CM9 now uses /system/add.on/*.sh to back up things. (i believe custom_backup_list.txt is no longer supported. @owain, confirm?) you need to make a custom script to back up RIL.
will look into it and add backup ril when i finish this kernel =D

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I think there is a reason that the kernel update for the p990 has gone so slowly. Not that I want to step on anybodys shoes here but I think this brute force approach to get the kernel up to date is not going to bear that much usefulness, since every error would imply doing countless hours of fixing because the version jump was too big.

Good luck tho, I'm excited what you guys dig up. I do coding, but this stuff is just too much for me xD
3 errors fixed
trying to compile again now lets se how many errors i get thrown at me now
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