Is it wise flashing this kernel over the recent CM7.2 RC1 ? Is there an updated version coming soon? Or is the kernel in CM7.2 RC1 for Nexus One already yours?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Nexus One: Unlocked Bootloader:

-[ROM] CM7.2
-[Recovery] Amon_RA-nexus-v2.2.1
-[Kernel] #1
-[HBOOT] S-OFF Hboot 7.35.5117 with custom partitions
-[Touch Screen] SYNT0103 Microp(0b15) - AMOLED
-[Storage] SanDisk Mobile Ultra 16Gb microSDHC Class 4 with 768MB EXT4 partition.
-[Mod] 2-Way-Call-Recording
-[Keyboard] HTC_IME & Swype (Dutch)