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Proudly presenting, based on great 1.4.1 & 1.2.1 release: guestekrnL v1.5

By far most lag-free and smoothest P990 stock-kernel available. Just test it yourself.
  • versions with normal, lite and DS battery driver (credits to their initital creators, I got lite+DS from vadonka's git repo)
  • Android Logging completely disabled in kernel (saving some juice)
  • changes in cpu speed stepping (eye on good battery)
  • enormous and unbelievable increase in smoothness (scrolling,..) while keeping power consumption low at the same time, no trade-offs - achieved through many days and nights of testing; special THX to Horst77 (mod @ for his outstanding testing work!!
  • exclusively introducing GuesteOC tool for overclocking and 2nd Core testing; tool mady in mane hours of work by TrymHansen exclusively for guestekrnL (you are my hero, Trym, thank you very much!! ) -- attention, tool won't work with other kernels
  • first and only kernel featuring "liquid-scroll" technology introduced by me for best scrolling smoothness
  • reverted/deleted cherry-picks from SR3 kernel out of 13 files (git is showing 15, I mistakenly altered additional files); it increased the smoothness even more
  • lowered max. ScreenOff frequency to 456 MHz for better power saving - wakeup from sleep is still quick
  • various power consumption tweaks
  • Switched from fb_earlysuspend to console_earlysuspend and thus breaking compatibility with AndrevOC -- but we have GuesteOC now as full replacement -- the screen-off settings are gone as they have no effect because limit of 456 Mhz on screenOff is hard-coded directly in kernel
  • attempt to fix Fast Dormancy bug directly in kernel -- please test on an un-patched ROM, didn't have time for. fd log spamming should eventually be gone -- Edit: not possible to test as I disabled kernel logging will have to test separately!
  • slightly increased low corner voltages for better stability
  • lowered power comsumption during sleep (and use too of course)
  • smallest stock-based kernel (+ smallest kernel modules)
  • additional build flags by spica1234 for better performance
  • removed BLX
  • init.d now working on all ROMs, doesn't matter on which ROM you flash the kernel, even on ROMs with non-working init.d it will work afterwards

>>> Download <<< (or at bottom of post)

Screenshot of new OC app:

Additional word on credits:
- This patch (I use it too since 1.4.1) from 06/2011 is part of the "Full Fixed CPU Memory Leak(spica234)"-commit, the thing invented by spica1234 in 03/2012 for SR3. Credits go to both, the guy using it in 2011 and the guy inventing it in 2012!
- This patch and all additional things needed to remove user scheduler exist and have been already used in 2010. I use it and it has been introduced for SR3 kernel in 2012 by spica too before me, so again: Credits to both, the ones using in 2010 and the one inventing in 2012!
- the credits for lowered latency of scheduler go to vadonka
- as always credits for strong vibrator (no version made yet) and changing 3 numbers in battery driver go to spica1234
- I decided to lower the default swappiness of my kernel to 20 from 60 as I've been using this value for a longer time in startup script anyway. Spica uses the same for SR3, I dunno if this is even possible but credits for the swappiness value go to spica as well
- If there's something else cherry-picked and I forgot about it it's either from vadonkas repo, setirons repo, swiftextreme patchfile, or a linux kernel repo not related to P990 phone.

As always you can rely on stability and accuracy, instead of facing boot-loops, freezes or having to deal with ~ backup files

Enjoy the fastest developing, most advanced and highest tweaked P990/O2X custom stock kernel available.
Versions with strong vibration will come as soon as I have time!

As always: feedback is very welcome

Full Sources are already @GitHub!!
And a good song to listen here
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