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Useful links:
::[KS20] NV2 - QCN TOOLS V1.4 (thanks to Weapons.b)
::[How To] Flash KS20 Complete Guide + Official ROMs DL list + Free Unbranded .nv2 (thanks to Raykisi)
::[How To] Connect KS20 with LGMDP + Free Unbranded .nv2 (thanks to Raykisi)
::French KisS20.x thread
::Add chinese support to KisS Roms (thanks to bun_0806)

Download links:
I worked very hard on ks20 to bring you this stuff. If you appreciate my work and want to buy me a drink (and increase the 0,3% ratio of donators/users ), donation is welcome.

If you can wait a few days before downloading this rom, I would suggest you do so, I'll release a bugfixed version (+ a few adjustments)

::KisS20.5b Rom_WWE
::KisS20.X Rom WWE

PI Cab Packages :
::KisS20.5a PI Pack (QVGA OpenGl S2P 0.58, S2V 0.42, SRSWowHD 1.2.1, TCPMP0.72, Windows Live, Advanced Configuration Tool 3.3, GoogleMaps, iContactAE 7.0.6, TouchResponse 0.2.2, + a few tweaks...)
::Majorasshole's PI Pack (Mega pack with md2 + lots of other things, wm6.1 and wm6.5) (pwd: majorasshole)

AutoProfile Providers list :

::Here (just copy the xml you need in windows\networkprofiles folder, because autoprofile.exe doesn't support so many xml files at once) [updated on 04 Aug 2009]

Detailed instructions on how to flash + everything needed (drivers, software...), thanks to ibanezman192 :

Old stuff :
::KisS20.5a Rom WWE
::KisS20.4 Rom WWE
::KisS20.4 Rom FR
::KisS20.4 Rom GER (thanks Dussel)

Drivers :
:: 64bit Unofficial Driver

  • I've got a message "trying to communicate with the phone" during flash and nothing else happens.
Try this.

  • My Wifi disappears sometimes in connection manager
Wifi driver is initiated during the boot, if it's not visible in connection manager (and the blue led blinks every 2 secs or so, just reboot your phone, that should fix it). The other reason wifi driver disappears is when you're connected to your pc through activesync. As soon as your disconnect, it's enabled again.

  • What's needed to build a rom for any language ?

Windows mobile comes into multiple packages (os, phone, office, shell, voip....) containing the programs. Most of these packages have a brother package containing the resources for a specific language (office_0409, phone_0409)...

OEM drivers made by lg also come into packages (oem_drivers, oem_bt...) and some of these packages have a brother package for the specific language (oem_bt_0409...)

To translate a rom, I need the packages for the related language (oem and wm).

Getting the packages for OEM is not difficult as I just need to unpack an official ks20 rom of the right language to get them. (so it means that this particular rom has to be downloaded somewhere on the web). But it takes some time to do it, so it's better if you give me just what I need (the whole oem folder is good). For that, just get my kitchen and follow the steps until you have an oem folder.

Getting packages for WM is more difficult because I can't take those from ks20 official rom as they are wm6.0 version and some don't contain everything needed. So I need to have the packages from a wm6.1 version. Just giving me a link to an HTC (or whatever) rom for this language is not sufficient because it would require me to find myself a way to extract this particular rom (if it's not protected, can be extracted and can be rebuilt) which takes time. So what I need is an archive containing packages, so that I don't spend multiple hours try to find how to get them. There are 2 ways to get them :
* get a rom for this language from any device, get a kitchen to extract the rom, extract it, rebuild packages, give me any 0409, 0408 or whatever packages it contains (be careful, I need packages, not only files whose name contain 040x).
* ask somebody who made a rom for this language to give you his packages.
Of course, I need the biggest number of packages you can find (for exemple, I include office in my roms, so if you find packages, but not the one for office, the rom won't be constructed correctly, when I'll do it, or it would need to be constructed without this specific package, which means it may show bugs not present on english/french roms, something I don't want to do.). A soon as I get all the packages I need, I should be able to construct a KisS20 rom for this language.

Please note that for wm6.5, I'll need wm6.5 packages, not wm6.1 (in wm6.5, many things have changed and some packages were added, so using packages from a 6.1 rom surely won't work).
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