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I hope that you make a apk that simplifies things for simple user like rom control in AOKP
From what I read, Rom Control seems to be something like the Settings app for ROM-specific stuff? I am not so sure yet whether I want to implement generic settings in the framework.
Having a standard interface for setting loading/saving (like or using Android's Shared Preferences) would probably make sense. But the settings themself can be very different from module to module, so I would rather let those bring their own settings menus.

What I did though was to implement an installer. My idea how it should ideally work for end users:
  1. Install the Xposed Installer
  2. Click the "Install/Update" button in the installer
  3. Install one or more modules
  4. Configure the modules (if necessary)
  5. Have fun!

Where "install" would mean that you can download the app from the Play Store or a website and install it with the usual package manager. At least for steps 1 and 2, this is working already. For the others, I have to see.