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  1. Flash with fastboot (if needed):
  2. Download the correct pkg:
  3. Rename pkg to 'update.pkg' and copy to 'sdcard'
  4. Reboot
  5. Flash with 'Software upgrade via Update.pkg on SD Card'
  6. Optional: Install clockwork mod 5.0
  7. Optional: Root your device
Hello, I need some help, this is what I'm doing.

Step 1, didn't need to do it since I'm already on 2.2.2 or do I still need to do this still?

Step 2, downloaded the "update.pkg for US 4G" since I have a Tmobile Dell Streak 7 w/ 4g.

Step 3, renamed LG7-820Urnamed_506to401_19534_30.pkg to update.pkg.
I tried copying it to the internal sdcard in the root directory, internal sdcard in a sdcard directory, internal sdcard in the sdcard2 directory, external sdcard in the root directory and external sdcard in a sdcard directory.

Step 4, reboot and hold down Vol Up and Power.

Step 5, select 'Software upgrade via Update.pkg on SD Card' and then hit Power again to install the package and it gives me the FOTA Mismatch Model error or a Decrypt error.