hey guys, would like to take a look into the blaze, dont really know a whole lot about it but if someone could join out our irc channel id at least like to get some info for it.

Webchat support for the Official Unloved Devices Hit Squad

make sure to alert myself or k0nane and inform us you have the blaze

perhaps i was a bit unclear, dont come in asking how to root or where is cwm?!!??!. the OUDHS doesn't have tmobile, doesn't have this phone. we just are a group of people who like helping phones who dont get the support they deserve get a nice foundation. if you want root from us, you need to help us, help you and sure as hell not demand anything. whne things are done they will be posted publicly asap. we have a fairly good history on metropcs and boost mobile expanding to sprint low end phones, happened to catch the lack of attention from this phone on androidforums, so now im here ;P
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