Hi all,

I guess it's time for another update... I'm still working on the SystemUI of JKay Deluxe for ICS. Because so much has changed in code since GB I have decided to rewrite all my mod for the SystemUI. It will be good!!

Progress since last update:

* Redesigned Samsungs WiFi icons as I did not like the ICS look from Samsung!
* Added a 'Show Wifi In/out arrows' toggle
* Added a 'Append AM/PM to clock' toggle (to change '11:00 AM' to just '11:00')
* Added a 'Add leading zero to hour' toggle (to change '09:00' to '9:00')
* Added a 'Add day to clock' toggle (to change '9:00' to 'Sun 9:00'
* Added a 'Show bluetooth icon' toggle (to be able to hide the icon)
* Changed the implementation of battery level text (now with %)
* Changed the connection icons to be semi transparent

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