For those waiting for S-OFF by Revolutionary, it looks like you are very unlikely to get it. Baadnewz just asked in the #alpharev channel if the One would get S-OFF:

[19:46] <baadnewz> IEF you have any plans for ONE ? :B
[19:46] <baadnewz> (kick incoming)
[19:47] <burgd> To Krait or not To Krait
[19:56] <_anonymous> you got one bnz?
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[20:13] * baadnewz is now known as baad_away
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[20:20] <@IEF> baad_away: One X is pretty unlikely, we focus on qualcomm stuff.
That's a real shame that. I guess now it's either HTCDev or nothing.
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