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Originally Posted by pastime1971

i just posted a blind build for P930 in the post #3, if you want to test it.

edit: mateorod will have to set it up for other devices to work. currently, he has it for nook and maguro so far, i think.

For now, the only devices to have PDroid on nightlies are the LG-P930, HTC Pyramid, the Kindle Fire, Xperia mini 8,9,10 and 10 pro, SGH-T959 and the Nook Color. I will updates this post with new packages and new devices as they become available.

Update We can bring PDroid to ANY CM9 or AOKP rom! I will need nju build.prop, core, framework and services.jar files.

Note: The package for SGH-T959 is for AOKP milestone. Other roms ARE being added!

Okay, I just made and added packages to support PDroid on ICS for LG-P930, HTC-Pyramid and the SGH-T959.

Porting PDroid through a package manager like Botbrew has several advantages. It allows users to have PDroid on their device while updating to the latest nightlies whenever they wish. It also happens completely on-device, which is a must for many people. Package management also allows users to remove the mods and restore their original system apps at any time. For the Nook, I also use package management to combine mods, such as PDroid and the V6 Supercharger.

These are simply packages to deliver the necessary system apps PDroid requires. Pastime1971 not only did a great job porting PDroid (as far as I can ascertain, fully functional) but also personally built the apps in these packages. What I have here is a delivery system, one I believe has certain advantages for something like this.


1. Make a backup! I don't own these devices so these packages are UNTESTED! If they don't work, you can just reflash your nightly and you should be fine. But better safe than sorry!
2. Get Botbrew from Google Play. It is free and on its way to being open-source.
3. Launch Botbrew. A bootstrap process will occur that installs some packages necessary to Botbrew's operation.
4. Add my repository.
  • Install package repository-mateorod
5. Press the refresh button at top right.
6. Check the PDroid package
  • Press package android-framework-pdroid-1.3.2-2
  • The architecture listing should match your device.
7. Install the android-framework-pdroid-1.3.2-2 package
  • Your system apps will be backed up and the new PDroid-enabled system apps installed. When the process is complete, an OK bar will show.
8. Reboot and install PDroid from Google Play.

That's it. I stressed checking the architecture because I haven't run these packages through any testers. The testers are you!

If you decide you would like to remove the package, just press the package and select auto-remove. Your original system apps will be restored from the backups.

Upon updating to a new nightly just launch Botbrew and repair the android-framework-pdroid package! The repair screen should launch automatically, but if it doesn't, simply swipe the packages pane all the way to the left.

FWIW: Other than the architecture, these packages are identical to the one I distribute for the Nook Color, which has been thoroughly tested and works perfectly. But this is system modding on a framework level, so it is not without risk. You have been warned.

Be aware! CM9 is a work in progress, so the day will come when the repo updates to the point where these packages will break your install! In order to have a seamless experience, each ROM should have a maintainer, someone who installs the packages every day and makes sure they work. When they break, the maintainer would ideally just build a patched ROM and ship me the system jars so I can update the Botbrew repo. Without maintainers, these packages will soon disappear.
Update: No longer an issue! Just send me a pm if the package breaks and I will update them ASAP!
If you like the project and would like to have these packages stay available on your device, consider becoming a maintainer or soliciting one in your device's forum. I maintain several packages for the Nook Color, and they seem to need replacing about once a month. That is dependent upon the rate of progress at the CM repo.

Once again, thanks to pastime1971, who put together the patches and files within these packages. I would also like to thank inportb, who developed Botbrew and allowed me to host these packages.
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