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Sure sounds like Nokia has done a bang up job locking things down - it's been all quiet on the Finnish front...thanks again for doing the hard work and good luck, guys.
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any news about htc titan unlock
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Hi Heathcliff74,

could you please add support for Lumia 710?
See this WP7 Root Tools not compartible with Nokia 710.
If you need any help, just pm me.

br g
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My version of my HTC HD7 is:
My phone has been unlocked with Interop-Unlock, none Roms applied on the phone.

This is the message that appears when I start the application :

incompatible :

Your device is not recognized as compatible device. I'm always trying to add support for more device.Let meknow your brand and model and I will try to and support for it in future versions.

Is it normal??
I'm getting a lot of questions about the new NOKIA's and HTC's.

WP7 Root Tools needs either:
- Interop Unlock + hacked drivers
- Custom ROM with Full Unlock

So Interop Unlock alone is not enough. The new NOKIA and HTC drivers are well-protected, but I'm working hard to find an exploit in there.

Read more here.



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Also look at some of my other work:
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If you have questions about unlocking, please read this before you start mailing me, because my mailboxes are full