So guys, for those who asked me and for those who are curious I have completed testing and ...

In addition to the changelog which I have already published a few posts ago, I added this:

* Now you can also customize the system app!
* New Nightly departure
* Now you can choose to remove GAPPS!
* Updated Titanium Backup
* Updated Mx VideoPlayer
* Updated Apex Launcher
* Updated Facebook
* Updated File Explorer I
* Re-implemented scripts lag-free
* Ability to remove GAPPS
* Fixed an issue of the Aroma installer for which some elements were not installed properly
* Removed some unnecessary elements
* Added app, Camera ICS
* Now Aroma is more intelligent! "He lacks only word"

Now, tomorrow I will be busy as today, so do not know if I can post it tomorrow.

As soon as I finish testing these latest news, it will be released. Initially it will be Beta, given the many new features, additions, changes, and then pass to stable if there are no problems.

Have Fun!


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