Wink 1-base-b33-tablet-alfa6


Read before downloading:
I am not responsible for any damage to your phone.
This is an unofficial release, if you have no experience with Android downloaded the official version.

This rom is a test is not suitable for everyday use.
ETA did not ask - do not ask because many things do not work.

not work:
- autobrightness
- tethering
- market don't show some apps
- ecc ...

1-base-b33-tablet-alfa6 + +

<<< 1-base-b33-tablet-alfa6 >>>

- add Devil2_0.72_i9000_CFS_BLN_VC_XL_20120419
- add SystemUI Transparent Notification Background
- modify READ_AHEAD_KB=512
- modify HOME_APP_MEM=18432
- add Full Holo Theme
- add SystemUi Theme
- add Full Gradient Holo Dark
- add Anarkia Default Wallpaper
- fix Word "Tablet" for "Phone"
- fix Weather FC (networklocation framework-res)
- new bootanimation
- base aokp b33 build from source
- set Default Density 128
- fix DPI UI Problem
- fix Phone FC
- fix service.jar FC
- fix framework-res FC
- fix Internal and External sdcard FC
- fix Mounting Point Internal and External sdcard
- remove libjni_latinime (/lib)
- remove ping (/bin)

- add Swype
- add Devil_NSTools
- add oi file manager v1.1.4
- add SuperSU v0.87
- add Scriptmanager v1.9.5 (/data/app)

- add SD Boost to 179:0
- add SD Boost to 179:8
- add SD Boost to default
- add TouchScreen Sensitivity (/init.d)
- add Battery Calibration Script
- add 97calibration-batt (/init.d)
- add 98tweaks (/init.d)
- add tune2fs (/data)
/data/tune2fs -o journal_data_writeback /dev/block/mmcblk0p2
/data/tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/block/mmcblk0p2
- add New gps.conf
- add Support for 720p Video BigMem Kernels
- add phone.apk work for density over 182 dpi
- add hosts update
- add gps fix
- add resolve.conf dns google
- add Scripts work (/init.d)
- add Log Init.d File (/data/anarkia-init-dir.log)
- add Systemui Pngs Anarkia Style
- add Framework-res Pngs Anarkia Style

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