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I have been reading up on a lot of reviews and opinions on the HTC One S from T-Mobile on this forum along with cnet, engadget, and others. I was just toying with the idea of getting a One S to play with but use my Energy based Sensation still as a daily driver. When I called T-Mobile they were, I guess, nice. I was going to get the phone at a discount, but! The t-mobile representative, a long story short, convinced me to wait until the next HTC phone comes out due to the One S lacking a lot of features that the Sensation has. He made it sound like I would be somewhat disappointed if I got that new phone. He said HTC should be releasing new phones in anywhere from 2-3 months up to 6 months that while have a lot more features that the One S lacks of right now.

I am not advising anyone what to do, those who may actually be in the market for the new phone. Just wanted to inform you of what I heard from T-Mobile themselves about the phone.
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