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Danke für den Hinweis. Bei deinem Kernel habe ich das gesehen. Faux nutzt Aroma aber noch nicht.

Thanks. I hope faux will use Aroma installer for that or provide 2 versions of his kernel.

But, nevermind if faux doesn't. I won't annoy him about that.
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It's a feature of slide2wake but as faux isn't using aroma, you don't have the options to disable the capacitive lights on when touched

To. Those commenting , slide2wake does not hurt battery life. Show found a very good method of tracking the screen without hurting idle or deep sleep. Trust me, use it for a week.... Been using it since day 1,it was originally harder on the battery but show made some great progress
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I try it, but how I turn it off?
I have created a bunch of flashable zips for you.
Just saying: I haven't tested them. I am not at my pc at the moment and I am waiting for a call


If it blows up in your face: I warned you

Since it contains no kernel and just changes the cmdline of the kernel it will be compatible with all kernels and versions that use my sweep2wake implementation and read out the parameter from the kernels cmdline. So one zip for all

Should it not work, gimme:
adb shell cat /proc/cmdline
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