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echo "Y" > /sys/module/bcm4329/parameters/wifi_fast (for PM_FAST)
echo "N" > /sys/module/bcm4329/parameters/wifi_fast (for PM_MAX)

Could someone please clarify, what PM_FAST and PM_MAX mean?
DURING SCREEN OFF, WIFI Goes to low power modes to save battery... but there are 2 different power saving modes:

PM_MAX == maximum power savings for wifi... it barely keeps the connection alive using minimum Tx/Rx power and long update intervals (poor ping performances)... This save lots of power for the wifi chip.. but an unfortunate side effect is that things require fast ping time and high throughput wifi such as Skype and few other real-time communication apps, the lag and the reduced bandwidth may cause issues...

PM_FAST == slightly better power saving mode compared to FULL ON mode. Still maintains fairly good ping performance and throughput but at a cost of battery of course....

So unless you need to use Skype or other apps requiring higher wifi performance.. just leave it as is... For those of you wanted a better performance when screen is off.. then you know what to do...
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