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Has any one that was bricked confirmed this as working?

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I can confirm that this recovery xml.zip, using the tools and procedures kholk posted, completely recovered my phone from boot-loop bricked state.

After the "decompress and start flashing" part of the instructions, it took about 15 minutes to flash and about another 10 minutes rebooting into normal recovery (the little android and open box icon), then one more reboot and I was re-connecting to my gmail account.

After that, the kind of magic Android Google settings recovery thing happened and the phone even remembered and reconnected to my home wi-fi.

As it stands, my phone is now pristine, fully stock, and with my settings and /sdcard stuff fully back. 4G and phone number too. (That probably wasn't in doubt, but I'll say it for completeness' sake.)

I judge that this fastboot recovery file to be perfect, and kholk's instructions were flawless.