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I think there is an MTTY command to test if you are sec unlocked, but I don't know it off the top of my head. If jocky or anyone else knows if these exist, it would be nice to share them.

if you are on an MFG bootloader such as 1.0.olipof, you can test it in mtty by doing:

rtask a
echo_on (or just use mtty_0513_Test.exe, then you do not need this one)

all these commands should work if you are unlocked.

problem with that method is, it shows you as unlocked even if it is not a permanent unlock.

to test permanent one, download ATCommander and query secu flag status with AT@SIMLOCK?AA command (of course, you run this program on WM.) if unlocked, it will return 0, otherwise 1
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