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what are the chances this problem will still exist in the offical ics release? i've been holding off in rooting and rom-ing. just wondering if i'm wasting my time waiting for the official ics release.
I would recommend just get it done and over with and Root/Flash a custom Firmware, trust me you are better off than waiting for ics. Plus a Touchwiz ics = crap..

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I'm sure there is going to be a lot of problems with the official release, as always. It's gonna be a mess.
As for ATT's updates yes I will agree and even looking at some of the leaks were horrible as well.

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Shostock2 is a good rom, however, Touchwiz sucks! I prefer stock android, my vote is AOKP! I get better battery life with aokp than I did with SHOStock2 *2.1 was the last version*. Plus see my opinion about TW..