broodROM RC5 Revision 2 Changelog (so far)


Toggle 2G Version:
Including Toggle 2G and all other features
Note: a factory reset is required and replacing signed apks isn't supported, but your battery will love it

Regular Version:
All features except Toggle 2G, needs (dalvik)cache wipe

--- Updated/Added APKS ---

Real ICS Style Status Bar new!
* SystemUI.apk
* DownloadProvider.apk (fixes download progress bar not showing correctly)
* framework-res.apk (changed default background & default lockscreen background)

Updated apks:
* Camera.apk (Record with low battery / new video profile)
* Phone.apk (no acceding ringtone, should be faster)
* CalendarProvider.apk (To support multiple agendas)
* GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk (To support multiple agendas)
* Go Launcher EX v3.0
* ICS Theme for Go Launcher EX v1.9.1(by kovdev)
* Maps
* Streetview

Misc Tools
* DSP Manager (including libraries, beats audio replacement)
* Terminal Emulator (no system app)
* OC/UV Beater (no system app)

--- Updated Scripts ---

* 01broodrom script, some fixes, removed the media scanning part & the bootanimation libraries, smaller filesize
* new scripts for broodrom_scripts, install_aosp_bootlibrary / install_dmesg_bootlibrary / install_logcat_bootlibrary
* New GPS.conf file, really fast fix! (this one actually works)
* build.prop

--- Updated Binaries/Libraries ---
* WiFi Binaries (KP4)
* Removal of Beats Audio for DSP Manager

More updates later

Please someone attach his persist partition, really need it

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Device: Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505)

Latest Development:

AOSP v4.4.4 (KTU84P) from source for I9505 (Github)
- Cleanest ROM available for i9505. along with up-to-date stock kernel, also forms a perfect base for ROM developers.

Galaxy S4 Glove Mode App (Playstore link)
- Do you want the Glove Mode of the S4 but your ROM doesn't support it? Use this app to enable/disable it easily.

Latest Scraps:
Proprietary Lib Cleaner / Silent proprietary libs / Live Thermal Monitor / GIT Conflict Fixer

Projects in development:

broodROM KitKat "Aiming for perfection"
- Custom ROM with really high standards, more info soon

For sources you can visit my Github. Or take a look at all my projects