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24th May 2012, 05:09 PM
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Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 - V2.1.0 (OTA) - (9 June 2013)

Fixed BusyBox Installation which wasn't properly set and installed

Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 - V2.0.0 (FULL ROM) - (9 June 2013)

!!! Full wipe is mandatory due deep system changes !!!

  • Updated Busybox
  • Updated some libs and binary files
  • Update Gmail.apk to v4.5
  • Added HDMI fix (Optional) Replaced Sense 4.1 libs with those from Sense 3.6 - It may cause some GUI lag
  • Updated SuperSU binaries 1.32
  • Updated RIL files 4.0.0037HMQ
  • Updated BusyBox
  • Updated Playstore 4.1.10
  • Updated SU binary file permission
  • Added several bootanimation which are chosen on desired device model
  • Added Arrow keyboard toggle to Keyboard Settings
  • Updated Sense-o-Maniac default theme (Now with Matte skin but you have white clockwidget, JB blue & Matte highlights)
  • Update LeeDroid Tweaks to Sense Lite Tweaks
  • Added Orange WiFi Calling boost support to Aroma
  • Fixed tmous script (fingerprint)
  • Fixed Xloud Engine not working properly
  • Added Zipalign on reboot
  • one hell of a performance boost
  • Battery life improvements
  • Added permission check on reboot
  • Improved Memory Management
  • Improved overall speed
  • Zipalined with latest SDK
  • Updated all Play Store apps
Added new features to Aroma

  1. Optional TurboBoost Swap
  2. Optional ADJ/OOM Settings
  3. Optional SDcard ReadaHead settings
  4. Optional Restore System Apps
  5. Optional restore/add HTC IME Languages
  6. Optional FastDormancy
  7. Optional HDMI fix

Be aware that mods or apps in the restoring menu are deleted when you don't select them


Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 - V1.2.1 (FULL ROM) - (23-12-2012)

Incremental update (flash over) seem possible but no guarantee

Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 - V1.2.0 (FULL ROM) - (22-12-2012)

Incremental update (flash over) seem possible but no guarantee

  • Rewrite Aroma (more later, still writing it)
  • Found kernel culprit and fixed in Aroma
  • Found culprit for battery % mod and fixed in Aroma
  • Added ADJ/OOM fix from v1.1.1
  • Added option for full wipe or incremental installation
  • Readded option in Aroma to save chosen/checked options for the next flash
  • Added Phone Model choice in Aroma
  • Readded TaKeControle (thx Pacha) script for Bricked Kernel (More battery life without performace decrease)
  • Updated all Playstore apps
  • Changed the way how the theme is flashed. (Should overcome issues like no batt % and Tmo 4 icons)
  • Removed some stuff from the build.prop this should give some speed improvement
  • Removed sysctl.conf from the rom which was one of the reasons causing kernel issues
  • Also init.d is controled by the rom/kernel no need for sysctl.conf
  • Removed thermald and vold from /bin folder (most kernel have them aboard)
  • Fixed frontcam left/right inverted pics
  • Fixed frontcam vid upsidedown for good
  • Fixed Chrome GFX Glitches for good now (Status bar chrome shine true aint fixed yet)
  • Fixed some Bluetooth issues for some users
  • Transparent 3x2 clockwidget should now be working for all users
  • Saving MMS should be working for all users now
  • Rom speed improved (not for bechmark apps, don't give F about them)
  • Fixed LD Tweaks brightness issue causing reboot
  • Fixed phone vibration in call
  • Removed kernel menu from aroma for now and maybe will return in the future (if you want a other kernel then flash it manually)
  • Arabic Keyboard is working (at my side)
  • Incremental update from v1.1.1 seems possible but no guarantee

Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 - V1.1.1 (OTA) - (21-12-2012)

  • Adjusted ADJ/OOM settings
  • System speed increase
  • Fixed phone vibrate when calling
  • Fixed reboot issue when set backlight to lowest in LD tweak
Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 - V1.1.0 (Full Rom) - (17-12-2012)

- Added & Swapped Android 4.0.3 and 2.15.401.100 libs for more stabilty (Thx Memnoc for the permission and files)
- Cleaned rom - removed unnecessary files
- Improved performance
- Inserted HTC-RIL_4.0.0037HMQ ril files
- Fixed Beats icon not showing for some users
- Increased overall speed
- Zipaligned with the latest SDK
- Upgraded xLoud
- Overscroll color wrong color issue in tweaks app fixed
- Flashlight popup menu fixed (Issues for some users)
- Flashlight button push fixed (Issues for some users)
- Frontcam Upside down fixed
Location fix
Dropbox to Gallery share fix
Setup notification sounds fix
Little 3D Cube Animation fix
Sense 4.5 camera added
Update camera libs
Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 - V1.0.3 - (28-11-2012)

Small bug fix in 3D cube Animation

Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 - V1.0.2 - (28-11-2012)

Overscroll color wrong color issue in tweaks app fixed
Flashlight popup menu fixed
Flashlight button push fixed
Added 3D Cube animation in app drawer (Thx to Steve0007 from Elegancia Rom)
Upside down Front camera fixed
Added HTC Sync for some user how missed it (Will be available in the next full rom as optional)

Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 - V1.0.1 - (25-11-2012)

Added possible Xloud fix
Added Tweaks menu item in Rosie menu
Added option to disable HTC lockring in Security Settings (Power up your phone with out unlocking it) thx Jonny
Adjusted ADJ/OOM values (Thx to Zeppelinrox's)
Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 - V1.0.0 - (24-11-2012)

- Rebased to Ville 2.31.401.5 - Footbal for the RUU
- Added Custom OTA System - OTA via rom it self (Thx m0narx for the guide, files and permission)
- Restarted Version numbers - Starting from v1.0.0
- Rewrote Aroma Installer
- Updated Aroma installer to v2.56
- Temp deleted Aroma Advanced menu (Install Issues)
- Added & Swapped Android 4.0.3 and 2.15.401.100 libs in order to boot the rom (Thx Memnoc for the permission and files)
- Added Matte Skin as default skin
- Cleaned rom - removed unnecessary files
- Improved performance
- Inserted HTC-RIL_4.0.0037HMQ ril files
- Disabled Quicktips at first initial startup (We all know how it works,right)
- Updated SuperSu
- Updated SU bin file
- Fixed Beats icon not showing
- HTC Sense 4.0 Camera due some issues with stock cam
- Increased overall speed
- Disabled NFC Support (No hardware to support)
- Added TVout (in settings)
- Added new Graffical drivers from 2.15 VilleC2 RUU
- Updated Google Play to 3.10.9
- Added new restore packages to Aroma installer
- Changed Stock Wallpaper
- Changed to 3 digits version number for OTA updater
- Updated all PlayStore apps
- Zipaligned with the latest SDK
- Deleted Flipboard from the installer
- Ported LeeDroid Tweaks from Sense-o-Maniac v1.4
- Added EQS 1st generation - (Huge thx and props to J4N87)
- Added APM 1st generation - (Huge thx and props to J4N87)[B]
Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.0 - V1.4 - Holiday Edition (18-07-2012)
- Fixed graphical issue with pulldown notification bar
- Updated Bricked kernel v1.4 - Props Show-P1984
- Updated SuperSu to 0.94
- WiFi Hotspot fixed - Credits m0narx & Show-p1984
- Optimized with sdk v20
- Added HTC Music as optional
- Added Chinese t9 Language as optional
- Removed S-Voice / Google Now is coming
- Changed default wallpaper to "Android Love"
- Temp disabled GPU OC due incompatible Adreno drivers which is causing random reboots
- Cleaned
- Updated Google Play
- Updated Flashplayer
- Updated Dropbox
- Updated Facebook
- Updated Lookout
- Updated Twitter
- Updated Flipboard
- Updated TuneIn

Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.0 - V1.3

- Rebased to 1.11.401.110 - Thx Baad for the base
- Fixed notification bar cut off - for good
- Cleaned rom - removed unnecessary files
- Improved performance a bit more
- Added new Tmobile ICS Goodies
- Replaced SGIII Dropbox with Stock Dropbox
- Updated Facebook
- Updated FlashPlayer
- Updated Maps
- Added Flipboard
- Added latest S-Voice from SG-III
- Rewrite Aroma Installer
- Added Optional Sim Toolkit
- Removed LeeDroid Tweaks from the installer
- Added LeeDroid Tweaks as default
- Updated XxXPachaXxX TakeControle to V2
- Improved gps fix for t-mobile users
- Added new T-Mobile script – props shniz

Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.0 - V1.25

- Added optional TaKeCONTROL Performance MOD - Huge thx XxXPachaXxX
- Cleaned rom - removed unnecessary files
- Updated rendering libs - props ivicask
- Disabled cpu rendering - props shnizlon
- Camera effects fixed - props shnizlon
- 254 tabs in browser – Thx m0narx
- Touch responsiveness increased - Thx XxXPachaXxX
- Updated Sony Bravia Engine - Thx Baad
- Camera should work now, no sudden shut down
- Added a little surprise for the Dropbox users - Thx Baad (48GB extra space for 2years)

Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.0 - V1.1

- Fixed Video acceleration - Major thx to Mdeejay, Shnizlon & Baadnewz
- Rebased to 1.11.401.109 - Thx Baadnewz
- System files cleanup
- Improved performance a bit
- Added HTC Mail as optional
- Added Stock 3D Rosie as default (Forgot to add it in v1.0)
- Added Supersmooth Rosie as optional - props hamdir
- Added HTC Keyboard with arrows as default
- Added HTC Keyboard without arrows as optional
- Removed HTC HQ Camera app from the installer due some issues.
- Added HTC Stock Camera as optional
- Fixes some typo's in the Aroma installer causing some apps failing to install
- All HTC Widgets are now individually optional selectable
- All HTC Lockscreens are now individually optional selectable
- Sense 4.0 notification sounds are now optional
- Added HTC Weather as optional
- Updated Aroma icons and added new icons
- Added battery % mod with large numbers as optional
- Added 1st generation EQS - Huge thx and props to J4N87

- There are now over 80 restore packages available with in total size of 320mb

Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.0 - V1.0

- First release

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