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18th September 2008, 04:56 AM |#2  
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- Add support for setting the default folder to open in the file manager dialog

- Add backup/restore for the registry key [HKLM\SOftware\HTC\Manila2D]

- "Implement the possibility to choose custom icons for the launcher. That could be a drop down list of the launcher buttons, where one can choose which button, and a button to choose the path for the icon."

REASONABLE REQUESTSThese are things that have been requested that I think are reasonable, they are not at the top of my list at the moment, but they may make it there in the future

- Add support for detecting what a theme file contains... ie make m2DC smart enough to know if the theme file is only weather icons, or that the theme file does not have an analog clock, If the theme file does not contain something in the xml or contain the actual files then don't use the xml or files for that settings

- Add support for picking and choosing which parts of a theme to apply. Show a list of theme components with check boxes that the user can check and un-check the specific things that he want sot apply. (only apply digital clock form theme A, only apply background and tabs from theme B, only apply weather icons from theme C)

- add option to hide tab bar and the non active tab icons link

- add option to display theme information link

- add option for start menu customization link

- add new favorites to the internet tab link

- add option to change the date format link

- add support for changing the launcher item icon link

- add option to apply welcome screens contained in theme files

- add functionality to be able to apply a skin via a command line argument link

- add support for adding things to the operator tab link

MY WISH LISTThese are things that I want to do, but I will need to invest some significant time into research to get them working

- add option to deal with *.tsk files (maybe copy the file to the windows directory and figure out the proper way to apply the theme in code...)

- add option to extract/apply themes that exist as cab files? (extract cab file contents on the fly

REQUESTSI doubt I will do any of these things (I try to give a reason as to why)

- Add an option to auto rotate the applied skin every 30 minutes or so
Reason I don't see how this really benefits anyone, maybe I will do it after everything else on this list is done, but that will probably never happen. Maybe I will add command line arguments so that you can create a mortscript or something

- change tab functionalitynew run method
Reason This uses a 3rd party program that I did not develop, and it seems pretty extreme, If a simpler method is found I will re evaluate this request

- add new tabs
Reason I have no idea how to do this, I know that they can do it for Manilla3D, and i looked into it, but right now I have no idea how to do it for Manilla2D. When someone figures this out let me know and I will see if I can put it into M2DC

- add custom cities to the weather widget
Reason right now this is possible to do by hand, my city is in the default htchomesettings.xml file already, adding the ability to connect to the internet and get information from a website will take a lot of time and effort on my part, and I think that my time would be better dedicated to the more important features of M2DC

- Add option to have more than 1 upcoming appointment on the home screen
Reason I have no idea how to do this, and I don't use the calendar on my device so I always end up hiding even the 1 appointment on the home screen.

- Allow for more rows and columns in the people tab
Reason The people tab xml is just one huge mess, it is really hard to do by hand, and just thinking about the code that I would have to write to make this work makes my head hurt. I don't use the people tab right now so I don't think I will put myself through the pain of doing this. Let me know if this is a huge request for you.

- Smart phone compatibility
ReasonI do not own a smart phone, and I have only received 1 request for this, let me know if there are more people that want this
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