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Hi Guys,

I've had the same problem. I thought my bad wifi signal was gonna improve with updates so held out and guess what my 30 day return policy expired so would have to relock bootloader and wait god knows how long to get it back!

I saw the guy who had took his apart and cleaned the contacts, so today with a bit of a sweat on I took mine apart, I cleaned the contacts and also very gently bent them upwards to make more contact and voila! Full signal outside in my garden!

Its actually quite easy if you are very gentle and have a lot of patience...
Me too. I did it yesterday. Tooks me about 15 min.
Not even the Wifi but also BT is MUCH better now. My BT-Headset did not work before if the distance was more than 2-3 meters - an now its more than 10 m.

Be careful when you take your device apart - the battery is a bit glued at the cover. You have to free it very gently.

The volume and power buttons i have fixed with some tape before took it apart.

Good luck!
Greetings from Germany,

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