Ok you guys little summary for today.

Today a XDA Veteran joined the development team! I welcome Football. We did several test and tried to flash couple of stuff.

1. APX Mode, My device came in APX mode today, but because of lack of drivers I failed to send any commands or what so ever. Howto: Shutdown phone (Disable fast boot), Press volume down, keep it pressed, plugin USB cable to device (while it is connected t your laptop/desktop), wait till you here the sound of new hardware found, release the volume button. You device is in APX mode. Well I think it is APX mode, because my device did not recognize it but did say new hardware.

2. Flashing through HBOOT. We did couple of check with filename PJ46IMG.zip. We managed to get the boot loader to read the files, some files did flash and other stopped at security check. We tried a modified diag file, we succeeded to let it load, but got canceled on CID check. So we now have found a way to flash to the boot loader but need something to bypass the security check. If we bypass the security check, the modified diag file will be able to load, and we be able to reset security. What gives us S-OFF and LOCKED again!
Proof is in the attachment.

3. Downgrading did work, but not possible because of version check. When S-OFF you will be able to downgrade.

You need to relock boot loader and be on stock rom again, or else it won't work.
Phone, Y Cable, Cardreader, Microsdcard, PJ46IMG.zip

Will add a huge summary on post #1 after we finish dinner.
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