Info 2 {Guide} How to get a Moderators assistance

Q: How do I contact a forum Moderator for -fill in the blank- on a problem with -fill in the blank-

I have been on XDA for years and have always found these steps to be the best. Not only for you but for the process as well. Please remember to be patient. If you do not receive a message (shown in 4) within 5 days, please re-post.

1) In the upper right hand corner OF EVERY POST you will find the the caution emblem. This will look different, according to the version* you are running. Click on the emblem
*version can be found at the bottom left corner of this page

XDA Classic

XDA 2010

XDA 2013

XDA 2015

2) Please fill the pertinent information into this screen. PLEASE do not make it personal or use colorful language. Just be brief and to the point

3) You need to make a selection in the drop down. PLEASE do not be overzealous in choosing a topic. In 95% of cases you will only need to choose Other - Non-urgent

4) You will receive a message

In most cases this will be followed by a resolution.

Hope this helps