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can you guys with the network error try this one (and log if possible)

push it to /system/app and replace the old one velvet apk if there's any.

looks like a google account issue to me ??
are you properly logged in etc. on other google services?

I just replaced the Original one and it worked perfect first go
No APK file removed or anything.


For other people, Use the link above.

1, Rename the APK to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk
2, Go to System/App and rename the original GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to 3, something else (Or delete it)
4, Copy in the GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk the one you renamed from (Velvet-theos0o.apk)
5, Set the permissions, to the /System/App/GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to RW-R--R--
6, Reboot and it should work
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