Default [ROM] AOKP (Kitkat) Task650 (3.1.2014) (AT&T)

I wanted to bring you guys some AOKP releases with other mods and code changes to the AT&T SGS III.

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AOKP 4.4 KitKat 3.1.2014

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean 10.31.2013
Fixed random reboots
Added Hardware Key Rebinding options (ROM Control/Hardware Keys)
Updated Multi-Window (Works a lot better now)
Updated and fixed Network speed indicator (ROM Control/Signal)
Updated swipe to switch 
Updated Blacklist options
Add support for telephony-msim
Bluetooth: SAP: Add SAP profile support in Settings APP
Bluetooth: DUN: Add DUN profile support in Settings APP
Updated Lockscreen Theme Color 
Settings: fix bug where user cannot uninstall launchers
Use2GOnlyCheckBoxPreference: fix NPE
Show checkbox for message wait indicator for everyone
SearchPanel: check if string is null before accessing it
mGerrit: Fix ChangeList not loading / never updating
Frameworks : Fix face detection
NetworkController: Hide signal strength icon when no SIM icon is shown
There's more. Back to work I go now...

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean 10.22.2013
Updated Kernel
Updated to Android 4.3.1 (JLS36I)
Added Multi-Window (Open up recents with Home button and longpress apps to add to split-window) This is a WIP!!! No bug reports on this!!!
Moved Dark UI switch to ROM Control (ROM Control/General UI)
Added "Low Battery" Options (ROM Control/Battery/Low Battery Warning)
Updated Active Display
Add hardware keys rebinding (ROM Control/Hardware Keys)
Switched to a different Mms app. It has more options. 
Added Custom Vibrations for Contacts
Added Minimum Vibration Duration (ROM Control/Sound)
Updates to Camera (Too many to list)
Added AppOps Section (Settings/App ops)
Updated and added Blacklist Settings (Phone/Settings/Blacklist)
Added Lockscreen Lock Icon Color (ROM Control/Lockscreen/Lockscreen Lock Color)
Turn Kill All and Google Now into normal buttons 
Frameworks: Enhance face detection
Added "Pause" while recording video
There is a sh$tload more. I don't have time for the amount of time this changelog will take me. I just posted some of the "cool" stuff. :)

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean 9.29.2013
Added Listview Animations (ROMControl/General UI) (VIDEO)
Added Active Display Notifications (Settings/Display) (VIDEO)
Fixed Dark UI (Contacts, dialer, ect... are dark now)
ROMControl: Fixes / Clarity / Consistency
Update Animation Controls
Enable hide navbar again
Re-added auto brightness configuration UI 
Reverted in-kernel mpdecision for now (Need to work a few things out first)
Fixed navbar transparency
Prompt users that Mms can't receive msgs if storage is full
Camera: fix gfx undefined buffer issue 
alsa_sound: Add support for custom LPA buffer size 
Add GPS tags and timestamp to Exif when photo is saved 
Gallery2: Fix filmstrip source index 
Gallery2: Fix showOnMap method
Merged Android 4.3_r3 (JLS36C)
Added VoicePlus
Updated Dark UI
Updated kernel (check source if you like)
GlobalAction dialog ref not set to null
Avoid multiple extraction of thumbnails
audio: fix for deadlock issue during LPA playback
libstagefright: Add pause support for hardware omx component
Camera: fix gfx undefined buffer issue
Gallery2: Fix detail dialog image count
SurfaceFlinger: Dont show Animation on External Display
Add missing gson library
Merged android_4.3_r3.1 (JLS36G)
Allow Quick Settings tiles/toggles to be blacked out with Dark AOKP
Added Swipe to switch as a Toggle (ROMControl/Toggles)
Updated Listview Animations
vold: don't crash when formatting card with no filesystem
make_ext4fs: fix static utility executable, this time for SELinux
ext4_utils: fix utility build (SELinux)
Fixed turn off Camera Sound
Mms: Fix Multi-thread "read" button/intent
MMS: Fix Wrong QuickReply Counter
Offload database handling to seperate thread
Bluetooth: Handle BT search while rotate screen
Bluetooth: Handle pairing Cancel intent.
Bluetooth: Not allow Blank BT device name.
Bluetooth: Set isPreferred to true for PanProfile Connections.
libstagefright: Add support for custom LPA buffer size
Fixed left/right ribbon height
SystemUI: Recents window visual updates
Added Option to add Google Now to recents (ROMControl/General UI)
Updated Animation Controls
Added Network Speed Indicator (ROMControl/General UI)
Added more battery icon options
Added increasing ringtone option (ROMControl/Sound)
Updated mgerrit activities
Browser: Fix NPE on First Launch
Dialer: Increased suggestions from 3 to 6
Fixed 2G toggle not being set on boot if selected
Fixed sshd_config and ssh-start
Fixed QuietHours Setting
Fix fstab memory leak
Updated Lockscreen Wallpaper option
Build BluetoothExt
Improved swagpaper error handling
AwesomePlayer: silence useless log and fix C derp[/B]

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean 9.10.2013
Fixed density issues
Updated bootloader list so more bootloaders can be used.
LED Charging issues (nodnarb300) (I have dont have time to test this device tonight so I'm not sure.)
Fixed swype keyboard. Works great now.
Remove old dialpad and datausage settings that would just force close and shouldn't have been tere anyways.
Added Animation Controls (ROM Control/Animation Controls)
Added a ton of more options in Quiet Hours.
DockAudio: Route audio via dock for Samsung devices
ROMControl: Sound - Fix Headphone/Bluetooth
Tired and done for the night. :D

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean 9.7.2013
Initial Release
You will need to fully wipe your device for this release. Otherwise things will be broken!

Make sure you have CWM or TWRP Recovery
Boot into recovery
Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, and wipe dalvik cache, then go into mounts & storage and format system (if using CWM). To format system w/TWRP, select Wipe then System!!!(If already on AOKP 4.2.2 you should be able to just wipe cache & dalvik. If you have ANY ISSUES, FULLY WIPE BEFORE POSTING IN THIS THREAD!!!)
Flash ROM
Flash Gapps (Use the gapps package that I provide in this thread!)

You have to flash Gapps every time you flash an update!

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean Build 10.31.2013
Download HERE

Download HERE



NEW!Gapps for Jellybean (4.3) 10.31.2013
Download HERE

Download HERE


Underwear Kernel 4.3 Coming soon. (This is the same kernel that is packaged with this ROM) (Kernel Source)



AOKP 4.3 Jellybean Build 10.22.2013
Download HERE

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean Build 9.29.2013
Download HERE

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean Build 9.10.2013
Download HERE


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