Default [ROM] JBMIUIv4.1 #3.3.1 | AOSP-CM10 | s89 production | Pyramid [02.03.2013]

MIUI is one of the most popular Android ROMs in the world. It is based on 4.1.2 featuring better experience and richer themes.

DEVELOPER NOTICE: You do NOT have permission to port or release any content of THIS rom without prior consent from myself the developer. If you have obtained permission through me and me only, then please follow general developer courtesy by correctly giving credits where due and certainly do not claim this work as your own. Follow the correct developer etiquette and you will be responded to in a respectful and friendly manor.


China MIUI - Of coarse
bruce2728 - CM10 Base & Kernel
Stickman89 - For the continuation and porting of the MIUI releases - s89
perzonator - Website host and respected fellow friend.

Best Regards,