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18th July 2012, 05:49 PM |#2  
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Update 1: People are reporting that after a few hours the issue came back. It does appear to be something else causing this. If your issue persists, Call Your Store!
Update 2: Included another guide in this post to try, thank you Luxferro & Evo_Shift
Update 3: Most of us Play Store people are closing in on 15 day replacement time. It's quick & painless, and you still get to use your tablet while the other one is being shipped. Call them, RMA it, get it taken care of.

Update 4: Added Washer Fix Guide. Received my new replacement from the google store. Worse than my older one. Uploaded a video below. Google told me to google the fix for it and try it.

NOTE: Me & Jam are not responsible for what damage you may cause. Nobody has noticed any warranty seals being broken.


Do I have screen separation?

Guide One - Washer Fix by dilldoe

Main Idea: | Original Post:

Using the thin plastic from a pill blister (allergy pills were right in front of me when I was doing this) I created a washer to space out the frame & screen.

Just cut a rectangle out and punch a hole at the end for the screw to go thru. I just used a sewing needle on a sewing machine, like a drill press, to make a starter hole and my smallest screwdriver to widen it. With the screwdriver still in the hole, I just ran my knife around it to trim off the excess plastic.

WHY A LONG RECTANGLE? so you can insert it and hold it in place while you work. don't want it accidentally falling into the device.

now just slide that UNDER the top frame and screw it back together. MAKE SURE YOU STOP ONCE IT'S SNUG. the screen should now be lower than the side bezel.

Do this to all the spots that are lifting. I just did mines on the lower left and upper right, since they both had slight lift.

After you're done screwing it all down, trim off the excess so you can put the back cover back on, not flush to the frame, just enough so you can hold it if you need to remove it.

Did this last night and this afternoon, still no returning lift.

edit: depending on how much lift you have, you might have to use 2 or more to fill the gap (or use something thicker like used gift cards)
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Guide Two - Simple Tighten by cwc3/jam10238
1) Grab something that isn't going to mar your nice silver plastic. People have been using guitar picks & even their fingernails
2) Stick that non-marring object between like seen here: (they have a white cover while we have a black one)
3) Start sliding that object between the two, you will notice them starting to pop up. Try not to pry if you can, I had to a little.
4) Should now look like this:
5) Tighten all the screws around the outside (Pretty much eye glasses size), on the black plastic and metal. Not too tight, or you might cause back-light bleed &/or strip the screw. In my case most were a little loose.
6) When putting the case back on, be sure your not just starting flat. Start at a angle, for example, with the right side portrait. Push/Pop it back on going around the tablet.

Pictures I took taking it apart:

Guide Three - Advanced Tighten by Luxferro

Original Post:

1) Loosen all the screws around the outside w/ the panel on a flat hard surface (hard cover book)
2) Let the panel re-seat itself a bit
3) Just barely tighten all the screws.
4) Then repeat the tightening once they are all done to snug them up (not too much!). It should make your screen look perfect.
4a) After a bit of use you might need to snug them up once more - if the glass starts popping up again.

I tried this method of losening the screws after just tightening them failed me. And so far over 12 hours later my device still is good
Follow up:


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