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Q: How do I install this ROM?
A: Download the ROM from the "Download Links" section above, place the file on your phone's external SD card, and then flash via your recovery. First boot after flash takes a wee bit longer than usual. You need to have an unlocked bootloader if you wish to take full advantage of this ROM:

Q: How can I enable mass storage mode?
To enable mass storage mode:
1) Plug your phone into the computer via USB and MTP will likely open as it usually does
2) Open a command prompt
3) Type: adb shell mountsd
At this point the phone's external sd card will open up in mass storage mode (so you can use it just like a usb drive). Be advised that mass storage and MTP cannot mount the SD card at the same time so MTP will show the SD card with folders empty and something like -1330850028 bytes of storage - don't panic, this is normal since, again, it can only be mounted one place at a time.
To get back to MTP:
1) While still plugged in via USB
2) Open a command prompt
3) Type: adb shell unmountsd
Q: Why can't I "adb remount"?
A: This is a symptom of the locked down kernel. We've created a workaround for now.
To set /system as R/W, in a terminal or command prompt type:
adb shell
To set /system back to R/O, in a terminal or command prompt type:
adb shell
Q: How do I lower the WiFi transmit power?
A: Do the following
We've added iwconfig. This lets you set wifi transmit power. Download "wifi tx power" from play store or run the following commands:

adb shell iwconfig wlan0 txpower X
X == txpower(in dBm). 32/25/18/11/4

To make sure it set run :
adb shell iwconfig

and look at TX-Power (3rd row down)
Q: What other tools does this ROM have
  • Native Wireshark app support
  • Latencytop - For latency monitoring
  • htop - A system monitor
  • Powertop - Run with screen off to show number of wakes per second (helpful for finding rogue processes, batt drain, SODs, etc)
  • We also added the following text editors:
  • vim
  • nano

Q: Why doesn't this ROM have ___________ feature?
A: We listen to our users, so please leave us a polite request in the forums and we'll see what we can do about incorporating it

Q: This ROM is awesome! Will you have my baby?
A: No, but we do take a significant amount of time away from our wives/families to work on these ROM tweaks so that you don't have to. Donations help keep us motivated to continue to do so.

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