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You you mind writing all that together (location settings, autostart settings) in one post. I'd like to add that to the FAQ
I hope i don't forget a thing

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Silencing maps (preventing non user caused wakelocks)

1. Sign out and /or freeze latitude.
2. Disable all location based services:

3. Deny all maps related autostarts using a certain app like Gemini app manager or autostarts from playstore:

That's it!

Additional information:

-manual startup of maps will work anyhow, don't worry,
-navigation still works
-toggling gps on will show your current position on the map.

If you do it right, your alarm after almost 2 days can look like this:

As you can see, maps does not exist!

Hint: preventing all autostarts from maps should be enough, you probably don't need to get rid of the other stuff, try to start from point 3 in the beginning.
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