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- Say you have a file Splash.bmp It must be 480x640 24bit or else it will not work.
- use rsb <-> bmp converter (rsbbmp.exe). Click 'add files', browse for the file, then click 'Convert All'. It will output a file called Splash.rsb at the same folder
- now, you need to use Splash-RSB Converter.exe to convert it. Run it and choose VGA, browse for Splash.rsb (the one you created before this step) then save it to, say Splash.nb
- run patchsplash.exe-- the easiest is to extract all the files to the folder where Splash.nb is located. Open a command prompt (Start->Run and type 'cmd' without the quotes) then go to the folder. To patch the splash, type patchsplash.exe R Splash.nb SplashOut.nb
- do not run it twice or it will patch it twice.
- continue packing it to an .nbh file and make sure the final size of the file is 655360. I haven't put some checking yet I'm too lazy now to do it
Thanks again for your good help.
I started all over, but the NBH Utility still say's "Done!", but doesn't create an output file...

Very wierd...
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