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There are official releases for neon and ICS+ devices over on

For Tegra2 / GB devices I'm likely not going to be working on them much, if at all going forward. I no longer have a Tegra2 or GB device and version 13 of the upstream code base has some changes that will make it very difficult to support the Tegra2 going forward.

Thank you to staticaDK, repvik, lavero.burgos, and XBMC Android for their help with mirroring.

staticaDK has suffered equipment failure and his mirror is down. Any links / bookmarks to his mirror will no longer work. Please DO NOT use old links to this mirror

The guys are launching The forums are open for registration for anyone that is interested.

We also have a FreeNode channel #xbmcandroid for those that are interested.

I have also broken out a lot of the information from this XDA thread as separate threads on

Please note these are unofficial builds of XBMC, please report issues here or ONLY

Builds are now auto-run every Sunday (through out the day). I will no longer be directly linking to the builds, please head over to the mirrors (links below) to download a given build.

XBMC, What is That?
XBMC is a media player / HTPC software package that does just about anything you'd want on a home theater box or a portable media device. See for more information.

Why Here?
I have been maintaining nightly builds of XBMC for Android and after a few requests and realizing my posts have been cross-linked it's time to create a central spot for the builds.

Schedule of Builds
Builds are now run automatically every Sunday.

What Is Special About These Builds?
I have re-built the CrystaX NDK that is required for XBMC from sources and made some compiler flag changes in order to improve NEON device support and to support the Tegra2 or other non-NEON devices. These are unsupported changes, particularly the Tegra2 and any other device without NEON. The official XBMC stance is NO device lacking NEON will receive support.

What Is / Is Not Supported
All builds are now built for 2.3.x (GingerBread) or higher devices. ARM ONLY. I will not be releasing MIPS or x86 builds.

Google TV devices are UNSUPPORTED. I do not know if / when the XBMC dev's will be supporting Google TV.

I will not be releasing aplayer builds. I will be leaving it up to Pivos to do releases. Please visit the Pivos forums for the latest builds with AMLogic hardware decode support.

Which Build Do I Want?
There are two builds, one for Tegra2 devices and another for NEON devices (see below for specifics). If you are not sure which type of device you have, try the NEON build and if it crashes, then use the Tegra2 build. If you have a non-NEON devices that is not the Tegra2, the Tegra2 build will run, but not all that great.

XBMC Compatibility List (Clickable link)

  • Why is the APK so large?
    This is a full build of XBMC including dependencies, resources and the like. There is a lot to the build and output. See for a breakdown of what is contained within the APK including file sizes.
  • Does zipalign help with the size of the apk?
    I ran zipalign and it didn't reduce the file size, likely won't help given what is packed in the apk.
  • Is there a better skin for touch screens?
    Under the appearance settings there is a skin named "Touched" that works much better on touch screen devices than the default.
  • Does my hdmi out / dock / etc work for tv playback?
    There are reports of this working properly in this thread and others.
  • Can I change the resolution for hdmi / similar playback?
    Initial reports indicate this is not possible currently.
  • Does it work with CyanogenMod 10 (CM10)?
    Maybe. Some users have reported success with CM10, others have had issues.
  • How do I get Fahrenheit Temperature?
    Settings > System > International -> Change your region to USA if you want Fahrenheit

Common Problems
  1. My screen starts flickering / freaking out: Kill the app, clear the app cache, restart devices, try again. Continue until the problem goes away.
  2. I cannot play SD / 720p / 1080p content without stutters / dropped frames / audio sync issues / etc: Tough luck. Right now hardware decode support isn't complete, if your CPU can't process the video in software, you're stuck for the time being. The XBMC devs are working on hardware decode support and it will be done in due time. Do not ask for a deadline, there isn't one right now.
  3. Battery life: Expect a pretty bad battery drain. This has been confirmed by a few others as well as the devices I tested. Given the project is targeting set-top boxes and similar equipment I would not expect this to be addressed until other, larger items are taken care of. Please do not complain to the official team about this item, complain here.
  4. Resource utilization is high: This is known. Not going to change for awhile, do not complain to the official team, complain here.
  5. Audio does not work: The XBMC audio levels and Android audio levels are not the same, you will need to adjust the volume in Android up to a higher level before launching XBMC most likely.
  6. DVD Navigation may or may not work properly: This is known and being worked on by the main XBMC team.
  7. /data is inaccessible: This partition is not accessible from XBMC.
  8. Touchscreen Non-Responsive: Some users have reported the touchscreen taps aren't registering well or at all. The Toshiba Thrive 7" and 10" tablets seem to suffer the worst from this.

Tegra2 / non-NEON Problems (Must Read)
If your device does not have NEON, DO NOT COMPLAIN TO XBMC. Complain here.

Problems Under Investigation
  • XOOM 3g's running EOS ROMS appear to crash with a 0xdeadbeef pointer dereference

Working Add-Ons
  • 1Channel -- Developer PM'd me and the choppyness is fixed in latest version (url in add-ons links below)
  • Anarcintosh's Icefilms
  • BBC iPlayer 2
  • dpstream
  • Freecable
  • FTP Sources
  • Icefilms
  • Navi-X
  • PBS
  • Samba Sources
  • Shared Library:
  • TED Talks plugin works great.
  • The Trailers plugin
  • Tuxbox
  • TVCatchup
  • Tvlinks

Broken Add-Ons
  • Bluecop's Amazon (crashes trying to unload -- symbol not found)
  • Bluecop's Hulu
  • MLBMC: Major League Baseball Media Center
  • stable. The version on github works on Windows, can anyone validate the version from git works on Android?
  • TuneInRadio
  • WebDav HTTPS
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