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Do you ever get this feeling in the evening (or morning - I am not judging you!), when the music seems to be richer and more threedee, sung words become more understandable and you have a strong craving for pizza, dougnut, ice cream, or a box of chocolates? It doesn't matter if you feel like dancing or couchlocked, but when you reach for your trusty music player there comes the usual horror: HOW THE HELL DO I CREATE A PLAYLIST?! Sheesh!

So, XenoAmp was conceived on a Beach, when I was trying to create a playlist on my Rockbox-flashed Sansa Fuze, while going deeeeeep Down The Rabbit Hole.

"Click! Click! Where I was? Click! Click! Damn! Click! What was I doing? Damn! Click! Wait, what did I want?"

As much as I love Rockbox firmware, its interface is too geeky even for geekiest geeks. Man! I don't think I was ever able to create a playlist on Rockbox when I was baseline. I thought to myself: "there must be a better way!". So in the beginning I just wanted to create a wrapper for Android port of Rockbox, to make it a little less rough. Maybe even - turn it into a Pillowbox. But then, as it often happens with software, it grew. It grew only from the inside, though, as on the surface it stayed just very minimalistic: spartan "Now playing" screen with no widgets, each function accessible through a simple touch, sweep or sleight of hand. Before I throw some screenshots with explanation, check out CURRENT features (if you REALLY need to see how XenoAmp looks, resist the urge to peek at screenshots - static XenoAmp is dull, see "XenoAmp The Movie" instead).

Now the list of current features (some don't have GUI yet, but do exist). Since XenoAmp is all about music, let's begin with...

Main screen Equalizer

Music view File browser

Playlist drawer Lyrics


Audio features:

- Gapless playback on Jelly Bean!

- Replaygain support

- Standard audio controls: bass boost, equalizer, virtualizer, etc.

- Equalizer can be calibrated via automatic room correction (like Audyssey or YPAO) for optimal playback, regardress of amp/loudspeaker/place combination

- Headphones can sound as never before with audiogram-based calibrator

- Currently plays all audio formats supported by your Android version (as Rockbox is still not integrated)

- Experimental engine plays MP3, OGG, MPC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, MP4

- Different sound profiles for dock/car/headphones. Going for a ride? Unplug your headphones, dock your android device in a car and it will equalize to your precalibrated car profile.

- Viper Audio 10-band equalizer used where available

Media library:

- Browse your collection faster than ever - see it on a 2D pinch-to-zoom-able matrix with customizable axii: Albums by artists? Albums by years? Gneres by artists? ANY combination of ID3 tags is supported. Zoom out to see the mosaic of covers, zoom in to track level! Select quickly from albums in the same row.

- Were you missing AlbumArtist tag? Well - not anymore.

- Picking from zoomable matrix too fancy? Choose your tracks the way geeks do it: with filesystem browser.

- Browse your tracks by rating, date of listening, date of adding to library, or playcount, with neat flow-style interface.

- For all anal retentive among us: synchronize your music tags to MusicBrainz and Discogs, either automatically or by scanning barcode from your original CD.

- Automatic album art downloading (your embedded ID3 cover has a priority, unless of very low quality). Art is kept as normal png images on your filesystem.

- Don't like the album art XenoAmp's fuzzy logic picked? No prob - you can always choose a better one manualy.

- Index and play your cifs media to create a real audio station for your home (when mounted via cifs.ko).

- Browse and create playlists from files on your SMB network (even without cifs.ko)

- Edit tags for a bunch of tracks or mass edit by template.

- Outside of XenoAmp: click a file in ES Explorer, Total Commander, Solid Browser or Whatever File Browser and voila: you've created a playlist from current directory contents!

- "native" XenoAmp Playlists are kept in m3u8 with absolute paths

- manage .nomedia files inside xenoamp browser

- let XenoAmp choose tracks for you: random 100 tracks, random 10 albums, random never listened tracks

- Find tracks in similar mood in your library

- Filter your collection by provider (local files, Subsonic servers, Google Music...)


- You can't get more minimalist. Unless you turn off your display. If you more of a "hello, kitty!" person, you won't like it.

- Everything you do is just touch or sweep. Draw a circle for volume up/down.

- Managing playlists is no more a pain, you can EASILY (and I mean in a snap) create, delete and rename playlists, switch between them, append them with tracks based on any tag (artist, ALBUM ARTIST, year, genre...), shuffle, move tracks around, delete them, choose quickly across albums, toggle selection and so on. Just pull up those three dots on the bottom of the screen.

- Click playlist entry to play, drag to move up/down, sweep to delete. Touch tracks in any of available views (2d matrix, file browser, top chart) to add and remove them from choosen playlist (might be be different from currently playing), easily toggle selection.

Music services:

- 8Tracks

- Internet radio

- Google music

- Subsonic (if you friends have Subsonic servers, you can sync to all of them!)

Bits and pieces:

- Voice control

- Control via headset button

- Scrobbling to and (via wonderful "A simple scrobbler" - get it on the Market)

- Browse into M3U* and PLS, and recursively into playlists inside them

- M3U* and PLS handle local, HTTP and SMB entries

- Browse and search internet radio directory

- Player reacts to audio jack, incoming calls, respects Android audio focus and media button interfaces.

- Displays lyrics via LyricsWiki.

- Minimalistic home screen widgets, currently 1x1, 4x1, 4x2 and 4x4

- Respects .nomedia

- Most features working on Gingerbread (API 10), could probably be made to work on Froyo (they used to, but since all my friends migrated to GB I can't say if it is still working)

- Low end machines supported, working fluently on HTC Touch Pro2 (and that's a 528 Mhz CPU!). OK, not enough memory to display covers, but still usable.

- AVRCP - as stated in this post: AVRCP should be working on AOKP ROMs for anything that supports "A simple scrobbler" (which XenoAmp does).

- Sleep timer.

- Probably a lot more bits and pieces I forgot...

This product includes software developed by

8tracks / java-wrapper Credits to Fabrizio Ruggeri & ssuukk

Acme.Crypto Copyright 1996 by Jef Poskanzer, licenced under New BSD License

bidi utils Copyright Google

drag-sort-listview Copyright 2012 Carl Bauer, licensed under Apache License Version 2.0

EqualizerSurface Copyright CyanogenMod

EventBus Copyright (C) 2012 Markus Junginger, greenrobot (, licensed under Apache License Version 2.0

FFmpeg project libraries licensed under the LGPLv2.1

Google GSON by Google Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

gson-xml by Roman Mazur Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Inscription by Martin van Zuilekom Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

jaudiotagger Copyright Paul Taylor, licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License

jcifs licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License

JDOM Project Copyright 2000-2012 Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin, licensed under Modified Apache Licence

JTransforms Copyright Piotr Wendykier, licensed under MPL/LGPL/GPL tri-license

lastfm-java Copyright Johann Kovacs, licensed under New BSD License

NanoHTTPD Copyright 2001,2005-2012 Jarno Elonen ( and Copyright 2010 Konstantinos Togias (, licensed under Modified BSD Licence

NineOldAndroids Copyright Jake Wharton, licensed under Apache License 2.0

Pink Noise Copyright Sampo Niskanen, licensed under BSD License

ShowcaseView Copyright Alex Curran (+Alex) 2012. All rights reserved.

Do you think XenoAmp has not enough functions? Well, that's because I run out of blotters. Fund me one!

Wanna help with translation?

See here:


Download from Google Play

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