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12th August 2012, 02:26 AM
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[ROM][RC]AOKP "Initiate Your Swagger"[4.1.2][Mar 3][OTA][Playstation][AC!D][OTG]

Sense 4 "Like" Recent's --> <-- Optimus Lock Screen

This is my first AOKP Rom...Built with Bruce2728 device tree. I will try to keep updated but remember we all have lives to live and money to make . I have been in touch with bruce2728 and he has given me the ok to post. If I have forgotten anything let me know and I will try to correct. Please no drama on this thread...Or on any lol. Hope you enjoy!!

Video By:eadm
Video By:MrSoTech Updated 11/20/12
Video By:Alien44 Video By: Ducter

For everyone that wants to know about the differences between CM10 and AOKP Check this out. Or Here

*WiFi hotspot Tested. Working w/encryption
*Front Facing Camera
*Voice Recorder
*Navigation Bar Tweaks in Rom Control
*Calls & data
*Hardware acceleration
*button lights
*USB Mount
*LEDs led
*Voice Search
*Video playback Thank's to R.M.S,bruce2728,me
*Playstation Mobile

Mar 3 -reverted how screen mod... -Fixed some random reboots Feb 22 -Home Screen veiwable through Circles Lock Screen (Slide Lock screen has black background...Will be fixing soon) Feb 3 Super Bowl XLVII -Added Volume fix (thanks guys) -Added GPS Quick lock -Removed some IO Schedulers SIO,BFQ ( will add at a later time) -Updated Kernel to 3.0.57 Jan 20 -Added SIO IO sched. -Added BFQ IO Sched. -Max Freq. Now 1944 Mhz (Not recommended for everyone or everyday use) Default is still @ 1188 Mhz -And yes finally updated to 3.0.53 with good battery life -Fixed OTG USB Storage for good (tested by me) -vm.swappiness = 100 already included for those who use ZRAM -Many Other Changes.... Jan 15 -Added Rom Based Ad Blocker -Added Beats Logo When pluging headsets in Addons -Added remove sense 4 recents mod (as flashable zip) Jan 8 -Added Mirror Effect to Sence 4 recents Jan 7 -Fixed Dolby Digital left side sound only in headset mode -Fixed WiFi Screen off disconnect(Kernel) -Added Screen off speed managment PM_MAX/PM_FAST By: franco.Kernel (Kernel) Tweak1.3 -Added option to use my kernel settings (Frankinstine's Setting) Jan 6 -Added Intellidemand Govenor and set as default -CPU Clock set back to 1188 (Kernel still overclockable) -Fixed MMS Picture's in bubble Non Rom Related -Fixed files not veiwable in goo app or some browsers Jan 4 -Removed Buggy Group Messaging -Added CM Keyboard Let me know if you want me to keep it Jan 2 -Added New Sense 4 "like" Recents Dec 29 -Added CM Filemanager Dec 25 -Added AC!D Audio Engine Thank's Knight47 -Fixed Dolby Digital headset/speaker -OTG Fix Please Test... Dec 20 Merry Christmas -Fixed Gtalk voice bug... Dec 17 -Added Scroller Options -Added Increasing ring tone -Removed PSM.apk (playstation mobile App) Install manually w/PSM.apk in Tweaks and Addons folder Dec 14 -Added HTC WiFi Voltage By:Bluewall Thanks Bruce2728 -Removed Scroller Options (Not Much Difference with it on) -Added and working Playstation Mobile -Forgot to add increasing ring tone... Nov 22 -Fixed Picture message text overlap Still have some overlap to with phone number and time though -OTG Fixed please test -Cyanogenmod Auto retrieve fix added Nov 13 -Added alpha settings to Circles lockscreen rings -All latest merged commits till Nov 13... Nov 12 -Fixed CRT flicker (Thanks Bruce) -Updated Kernel to 3.0.50 Nov 10 -System UI FC's are fixed -Minor Fixes -All latest merged commits till Nov 9... Nov 9 System UI will FC...Don't Panic! It's a known bug and will only FC on rotation and is already being fixed... -Updated Kernel to 3.0.49 -Fixed Hardware Info in settings -New Optimus 4x lockscreen w/ring colors,etc -Headset restore correct volumes when plugged in -Added Lefty Mode -Added Scroller control again -All latest merged commits till Nov 8... Nov 7 -Added Hardware Info -MMS Theme Settings -Forgot to Add Scroller Settings -Added Open Commit WeatherPanel: Add toast -All latest merged commits till Nov 6... Nov 4 -Added Camera Settings 8mp 16.9,8mp 4.3 etc... -Added Camcorder 1080p thanks to cile381 -Added Default device volumes not initialised -Added Option to show connected wifi network in notifications -Added Lockscreen before secure unlock -Fixed Performance FC... Nov 2 -Added Increasing ringtone volume option -Added Port CM Advanced Phone Settings -Removed Group mms threading -Could not add lockscreen before secure unlock, :( I will have to manually add back on next update... Oct 30 Still Alive! -Added Open commit group MMS -Added Scroller Control Friction & Velocity -Added fast charge on kernel side Oct 27 Last Update Before Hurricane SANDY Passes! -Added "Vibrate on Touch" behavior for Slide unlock -Torch Fixed -Added Make Toggles hideable -Fixed Secure WiFi Hotspots -Latest Gerrit Changes... Oct 25 -Added Open commit "lock screen before secure unlock" Oct 23 Please Wipe Data -Added WiFi Fix -Fixed Video playback again -Updated to build 5 aokp -Added Wifi tethering toggle -And More.... Oct 19 -Swagg Kernel updated to 3.0.46 -Added smartassV2 & lagfree govenor -Added Sweep2wake -Removed Second Quick pin in lockscreen settings -Updated Nova Launcher -Updated to Oct 19 gerrit... Oct 17 -Badass govenor fixed -Reverted back to 3.0.43 -Sweep2wake & lagfree govenor temp. removed -Lock Screen targets finally merged on gerrit ( we already had :D) Oct 16 -Added 2G toggle -Fixed/removed double Quick Pin setting -updated to JB 4.1.2 JZO54k -SDcard Speed to 1024 -Update to latest gerrit commits Oct 15 -Fixed Video Playback (local) -Fixed YouTube overlay and playback Oct 13 -Added CRT animation -FFC Fixed (thanks bruce2728) -Updater Fixed TWRP Recovery Needed For it to Auto flash... -Added lockscreen targets -Fixed framework graphic glitches -more Oct 8_Test -->Graphic Glitches Are Back! -Added GooManager Manual Updates for now!! -Fixed Youtube overlay -Added Lockscreen Custom Targets -Swagg Kernel (based Off Bruce's JB Kernel) -Updated To Oct. 8 Gerrit. Oct 05 -Added New Boot Animation -Video Playback w/o disable hw overlay -Added Data Toggle -Added Bruce2728's JB Kernel -Added SD card tweak (512 for now) -Updated to Oct.2 Gerrit Sep 25 -Added gapps -Updated to Sep.24 gerrit Sep 23 -Fixed graphic glitches -Updated to JB Version JRO03R -Updated to Sep.22 gerrit Sep 20 -Added OTA Updater -Updated to Sep. 19 --> Here Sep 19 -Fixed Video Playback some more (still have to disable HW Overlay) -Added Tile Rendering -Fixed Data drop bug again... For Devs: my data drop was a bad commit in framework/base/telephony -Tablet mode has been added -Custom LCD Density -Custom Vibrations -Smoother than Sep-5 build -Updated to new build JRO03L -Now Using CM's Audio to fix all or most routing issues -and More... Sep 5 -Fixed Camera Orient. -Fixed Cam 720p & Playback -Added Lots Of tweaks Build 1 Deleted From Server -Added Carrier label back on -Added Lock Screen text color -Added Clock Color chooser from ICS -Fixed Nav Bar Again -Voice Recorder Works -Added mdecision and thermald -And More Aug 24 -Fixed Data -Removed Carrier Label Temp. -Minor Fixes Aug 19 -Some Weight loss -Carrer Label addon -Swag Papers -And More Aug 17 -Fixed Headphones Aug 16 -Fixed voice search but broke headpohnes (use headset routing app from store) -Removed Aug 11 and Aug12 initial builds from downloads Aug 15 -Add the latest merges but BROKE VOICESEARCH! (Will fix in next build) -Nav Bar working -tested by me Aug 14 -Fixed Headphones Aug 12 -Fixed bootanimation -Partially fixed cam w/ivicask's Files Aug 11 -Initial Release
How to use Goo Manager OTA Just download and flash manually dont use Auto Flash!
  1. Check for update
  2. Download, wipe cache and install rom
  3. Reboot

To enable ZRAM use tweaks v1.3 or edit system/etc/89tweaks go to where it says ZRAM=0 and put ZRAM=1 that will enable it...Then go to system/etc/sysctl.conf and change vm.swappiness to then reboot go to terminal and type in free and you will see the swap used and free...

Downloads Available Addons...4.2 JB Stuff with and w/o keyboard,AC!D Audio Engine, Playstation Mobile App,Kernel Tweaks v1.3,Awesome Beats,remove sense 4 recents mod
All Downloads Here @ For Dec 14+ Install PSM.apk from Fixes Folder
Test Builds
Stockish MMS.apk thread

A full wipe using 4ext is required if coming from any other ROM.

First Time Install
DO NOT use a superwipe script,
1.Wipe/factory reset (Full Wipe)
2.Install ROM
3.Install Gapps

Updates Install
1.Download Update
2.Reboot into Recovery
3.Flash Update
4.Wipe Dalvik Cache & Cache

Change Govenor
1.Download Setcpu or System Tuner from the Play Store
2.Download Tweaks v1.1 in Downloads Section
3.Select The Govenor You Want
4.Reboot into Recovery Flash Tweaks v1.1
5.Select Use Other Govenors If you go back to badass, flash stock...That will reinstall the badass script

AOKP Source: Here
AOKP Gerrit Status: Here
Burce2828 Github: Here
My Noobish Github: Here

Special Thanks
CyanogenMod Team
duchian for FTP Server
Team AC!D
All the guys over in #JB-pyr Freenode

Banner's If you have any,PM me so I can post them Here
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Standard disclaimer
Your warranty is now void.

I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
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