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Hello guys,
I've just bought a new Galaxy S2 I9100 (Android 2.3.5).
It's already rooted (got CF-Root 4.4), and I want to install cm9.
I've read a lot of articles and tutorials, and i'm confused a little...

If I just want to install the latest stable cm9 release, all I need to do is install the zip file using the recovery mode?
Or I need to use Odin and do some more steps?
I also saw some users say I need an ICS boot, and i don't really know what to do.

Just continue with my steps below.you don't need to flash anything through Odin

General steps before flashing a new ROM.

1. Backup your present ROM just incase
1. Wipe data/ factory reset
2. Wipe cache partition
3. Wipe dalvik cache (under advanced)
4. Format /system (under mount)
5. Flash your desired Rom/zips (cm9 in your case)
6. Fix permissions (under advanced)

- If you are moving from from an AOSP ROM to Samsung (vice versa), perform all the steps above.
- If you are upgrading / downgrading from one android version to another e.g ICS to jellybean or 4.0.3 to 4.0.4, also perform all the steps above.
- If you are upgrading from a Samsung ROM to another wipe the same android version, you may skip step 1.
- if you are upgrading your Aosp/aokp Rom with another with the same android version e.g 4.0.4 Aosp to 4.0.4 aokp, you may also skip step 1.

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