Apple products are not permitted in our home, and haven't been in over a year. Someone visiting with an iPod, iPad, iPhone or other Apple product are asked to leave their tech in their car or on the front porch, else they be denied entry to our home.

Some people refuse to enter the house beyond that point, but most ask "That's ridiculous! Why?!?". Once they get our answer, they're more than happy to leave their iCrap in their cars.. A couple have even abandoned Apple in favor of Google-powered products.

Stop buying Apple, and be VOCAL about your disgust with them EVERY time you see one of their products in-hand.
Google Nexus 4 16GB running the latest ParanoidAndroid with _motley's kernel.
Google Nexus 7 16GB running the latest ParanoidAndroid and Jay's Recipe for Buttery Goodness with _motley's kernel.

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