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53. Set MP3 as a Ringtone
In Windows Explorer, you can right click an mp3 file and choose to set it as a ringtone.

54. Improve Speed Access of Micro SD Card
Most Micro SD cards come already formatted as FAT 32 using 32kb clusters. To speed up your Micro SD access, reformat your Micro SD card to use 64kb clusters instead of 32kb clusters (FAT 32 remains the same). Warning: formatting will permanently erase all data on your Micro SD card so be sure to copy all data on it to your PC and the copy them back again after the format. You can use SoftWinter's StorageTools app to reformat the card.

55. Use Titles Instead of URLs for Opera Bookmarks
When adding and saving a new bookmark in Opera, be sure to let the web page fully load and THEN save it as a bookmark. Doing so, your bookmark will use the friendly title name for the web page. If you add a bookmark while the page is still loading, your bookmark will be using the url address as your bookmark's title.

56. Increase Frame Rate of Camera
If you want to increase the FPS of the camera to speed up picture processing, just turn down the brightness to -1.5 or -2.0.

57. Increase Wrting Space in SMS
Go to this site: and download the 'arm/xscale/pxa'.cab file. Go into Explorer and run the cab file from wherever you saved it, and install it. Now go to Start > Programs and run 'Total Commander' that you just installed. Open the directory 'Windows' and scroll down to find 'thread_sms.htm'. With 'thread_sms.htm' highlighted click 'File' then 'Edit'. Scroll down through the file until you find the line
'<Inbox:content id="COMPOSESUBJECT" width="98&#37;" height=35'
Change the value for height from 35 to 70 and then click 'File' then 'Save'. Soft reset the phone and your space for typing a message should be bigger.

58. Increase Speed and Fix Lag of Keyboard Tapping
Use a registry editor to make the following changes. Go to:
Find "InitialDelay"=dword: dec - change to 775
Find "RepeatRate"=dword: dec - change to 23
Also set the suggested words to a lower number such as 0 and disable auto-correction of words. Now you should no longer hvae misspleled wrods.

59. Increase Resolution of Panoramic Photos
By default, panoramic photos are less than 1 mp. This registry tweak increases resolution to about 7 mp.
Go to: HKLM/Software/HTC/Camera/P3
Adjust MainCamCaptSize to 1024 and MainCamSupportCaptSize to 1744. Soft reset.

60. Quick Access to Manila Alarm Page
You can go direct to the Alarm page from the Manila Home screen by tapping the alarm info text in the lower right corner below the flip clock.

61. How to Calibrate Screen if Stylus Can't Navigate the OS
To align screen if it is not usable, press and hold Vol Up and Vol Down buttons together and tap the screen. You are now automatically taken to the screen calibration screen.

62. Improve Suggested T9 Dictionary With Custom Words
The Blackstone has a very useful hidden application in the Windows directory. You need to unhide hidden system and Rom files in order to find it and you can do this by using a 3rd party file explorer such as 'Resco File Explorer'. Find the file "eT9MyWords.exe" in the Windows directory and add a shortcut to this file in your Windows/Start Menu folder.

When in the application, add the most common words you use when using the keypad such as names, locations, user names, email addresses and other words not common in the standard T9 dictionary. For example if you are based in London, UK you could add the following locations:

Leicester, Piccadilly, Tottenham, Soho, Charring, Euston, Trafalgar, Clapham

and words such as BRB, DVD, coz, lol, xoxo,, ciao, etc.

63. Quick Access to Last Manila Tab
Go direct to the last tab of Manila by flicking towards the right anywhere on the screen above the tabbed scroll bar

64. Add Favicons to your Opera Bookmarks
Make sure a bookmarked web page is fully loaded and save and overwrite your existing bookmark with the same title to also save the favicon icon for that bookmark. This even works with pre-installed bookmarks. Just save as the same bookmark title. You can only see the icons when accessing the bookmark page through Opera and not through Manila.

* Latest update: Added entries 60-64

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