on my app opening to notes in landscape menu.....you can change the link.....all you have to do is change any .lnk file to VZapp.lnk. then place VZapp.lnk in windows directory and that will now open on my app shortcut.

itnv supplied the hack to change the my app button to something else.

just for a starter i took notes.lnk and renamed it to VZapp.lnk so until you change it to something else it will open notes untill then.

also on the landscape programs tab......matt if you installed the fix for the programs tab in portrait to name the app as you scroll through the list, this will block my applications tab in landscape mode from working.

either you will have a working my applications tab in landscape OR scroll through programs on portrait and name the app as you scroll through the buttons.

you can't have both at this time.
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