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Who are on 4.1.1 firmware, are requested to update their device to latest 4.1.2 (2013 released) as soon as possible, older ROMs have SDS (sudden death syndrome) bug and can brick device spontaneously. latest ROMs are believed to be patched for this bug with kernel and recovery.

ROM mentioned here are pure stock ROMs and it is same as you recieve from kies, as well flashing these ROMs doesn't raise flash counter. some of ROM also having prerooted version and those are same as stock ROM but root files are pushed in ROM, so you won't need to have root it. prerooted ROMs mentioned here are also won't raise flash counter. If you flash prerooted ROM and later want to unroot, simply open SuperSu from application drawer - setting - unroot


Here is guide how to find stock ROM from SamMobile
- Open This SamMobile firmware page.

- Type device Model number in search box

- This will find all latest ROM for that device, click on Kies symbol next you your desired ROM to get download link.

- To get ROM from specific country, select Firmware option on page

- Fill up required option. This will show all available ROM from selected country.

Stock ROMs for N7100

MUST READ THIS IF YOU FLASHING XXDMF2/ME6 OR later ROM released June13 onwards.

4.1.2 May 2013

N7100XXDME1 N7100OLBDMD2 - Indonesia
N7100XXDME1 N7100OLBDMD2 - Thailand
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OJKDMD1 - Israel
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OJKDMD1 - Israel (Orange/Partner)

4.1.2 April 2013
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OXFDMC1 - Serbia (Telenor)
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OXFDMC1 - Serbia
N7100XXDMC3 N7100O2UDMD1 - United Kingdom (O2)
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OXXDMC2 - Hungary
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OXXDMC2 - Czech Republic
N7100XXDMD2 N7100OLBDMD2 - Indonesia
N7100XXDMD2 N7100OLBDMD2 - Thailand
N7100UBDMC2 N7100UUBDMC1 - Panama
N7100ZCDMD3 N7100CHNDMD3 - China
N7100XXDMC3 N7100ODDDMD1 - India - Non hotfile Pre rooted version -Here
N7100XXDMC3 N7100ODDDMD1 - Nepal
N7100XXDMC3 N7100ODDDMD1 - Bangladesh
N7100XXDMC3 N7100ODDDMD1 - Sri Lanka
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OLBDMD1 - Vietnam
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OLBDMD1 - Malaysia
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OLBDMD1 - Thailand
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OLBDMD1 - Philippines(Globe)
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OLBDMD1 - Philippines(Smart)
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OLBDMD1 - Philippines(Sun)
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OLBDMD1 - Philippines
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OXEDMC3 - Russia
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OXXDMC2 - Nordic countries

4.1.2 March 2013
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OXXDMC2 - Poland - Non hotfile Pre rooted version -Here
N7100XXDMC3 N7100OXXDMC2 - United Kingdom
N7100XXDMC3 N7100DBTDMB1 - Germany
N7100UBDMA3 N7100TFGDMB1 - Argentina (Movistar)
N7100UBDMC1 N7100JDIDMC1 - Jamaica
N7100UBDMA3 N7100PSNDMA2 - Argentina (Personal)
N7100ZCDMC1 N7100CHNDMC1 - China
N7100UBDMA3 N7100UUBDMA2 - Panama (Cable & Wireless)
N7100XXDMB6 N7100OXADMB1 - France

4.1.2 Feb 2013
N7100ZCDMB3 N7100CHNDMB3 - Download - China
N7100XXDMB2 N7100PRODMA1 - Download - Belgium / Luxemburg
N7100XXDMB2 N7100VDHDMA1 - Download - Hungary (VDH)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100ATODMA1 - Download - Open Austria
N7100UBDMA3 N7100TFGDMA2 - Download - Peru (SAM)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXXDMB1 - Download - Greece
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXEDMB1 - Download - Kazakhstan
N7100UBDMA3 N7100UWMDMA2 - Download - Colombia
N7100XXDMB2 N7100MOTDMA1 - Download - Slovenia (Mobitel)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100VFGDMA1 - Download - Ireland (Vodafone)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100VFGDMA1 - Download - Austria (A1)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100VFGDMA1 - Download - Czech Republic (Vodafone)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100VFGDMA1 - Download - Romania (Vodafone)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100VFGDMA1 - Download - Croatia (VIPNET)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100VFGDMA1 - Download - Germany (Vodafone)
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1 - Download - Iraq
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1- Download - Saudi Arabia (JED)
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1- Download - Saudi Arabia
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1- Download - Pakistan (PAK)
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1- Download - Morocco
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OJKDMB1- Download - Israel
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1- Download - Afghanistan
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1- Download - Egypt
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1- Download - Kenya
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OJKDMB1- Download - Israel (Orange/Partner)
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1- Download - Turkey
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1- Download - Iran
N7100XXDMB5 N7100OJVDMB1- Download - United Arab Emirates
N7100XXDMB2 N7100TPHDMB1- Download - Portugal (TPH)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXFDMA1- Download - Serbia (VIP)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100VFGDMA1- Download - United Kingdom (Vodafone)

N7100XXDMB2 N7100VFGDMA1 - Download - France (SFR)
N7100UBDMA3 N7100UUBDMA2 - Download - Uruguay
N7100UBDMA3 N7100TFGDMA2 - Download - Ecuador
N7100UBDMA3 N7100UWADMA3 - Download - Peru
N7100XXDMB2 N7100SEBDMA1 - Download - Baltic
N7100ZCDMB2 N7100CHNDMB2 - Download - China
N7100XXDMB2 N7100DBTDMA1 - Download - Germany
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXFDMA1 - Download - Romania (Cosmote)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXXDMB1 - Download - Czech Republic
N7100XXDMB2 N7100ITVDMA1 - Download - Italy
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXXDMB1 - Download - Poland
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXXDMB2 - Download - United Kingdom
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXFDMA1 - Download - Croatia
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXXDMB1 - Download - Hungary
N7100UBDMA3 N7100ICEDMA2 - Download - Costa Rica
N7100XXDMB4 N7100OXXDMB1 - Download - Spain
N7100XXDMB4 N7100OJVDMA2 - Download - United Arab Emirates
N7100ZSDMB2 N7100OZSDMB2 - Download - Taiwan
N7100XXDMB4 N7100OLBDMA4 - Download - Thailand
N7100XXDMB4 N7100OLBDMA4 - Download - Malaysia
N7100UBDMA3 N7100UWADMA3 - Download - Uruguay (Claro)
N7100UBDMA3 N7100UWADMA3 - Download - Argentina (Claro)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100NZCDMA1 - Download - New Zeeland
N7100ZCDMB1 N7100CHNDMB1 - Download - China
N7100UBDMA3 N7100UWMDMA3 - Download - Guatemala (Tigo)
N7100UBDMA3 N7100ZTADMA3 - Download - Brazil (Claro)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100O2CDMA1 - Download - Czech Republic (O2C)
N7100ZSDMB1 N7100OZSDMB1 - Download - Hong Kong
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXFDMA1 - Download - Montenegro
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXFDMA1 - Download - Bosnia and Herzegovina
N7100UBDMA3 N7100TFGDMA2 - Download - Chile (Telefonica)
N7100XXDMA6 N7100OJVDMA2 - Download - Turkey
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXXDMB1 - Download - Nordic countries
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OLBDMA4 - Download - Vietnam
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OLBDMA4 - Download - Philippines (Globe)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OLBDMA4 - Download - Indonesia
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OLBDMA4 - Download - Philippines (Smart)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OLBDMA4 - Download - Philippines
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OLBDMA4 - Download - Philippines (Sun)
N7100XXDMB2 N7100ODDDMA1 - Download - Sri Lanka
N7100XXDMB2 N7100ODDDMA1 - Download - India
N7100XXDMB2 N7100ODDDMA1 - Download - Nepal
N7100XXDMB2 N7100ODDDMA1 - Download - Bangladesh
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OLBDMA4 - Download - Thailand
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OLBDMA4 - Download - Malaysia
N7100XXDMB2 N7100OXADMA5 - Download - France
N7100UBDMA3 N7100UWADMA3 - Download - Guatemala
N7100XXDMA6 N7100OJKDMA3 - Download - Israel
N7100XXDMA6 N7100OJKDMA3 - Download - Israel (Orange/Partner)
N7100UBDMA3 N7100UUBDMA2 - Download - Trinidad and Tobago

Sept Oct and Nov 12
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Dec 2012 & Jan 2013
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Installation Instruction

Make sure you have installed Kies OR Samsung USB driver
Open up the S/W Installation Program by executing the Odin3 v3.04.exe
1. Enable the check mark by click on the following options(default Option)
- Auto Reboot, and F. Reset Time
- Download ROM and extract (unzip tool)
- Check PDA, and point to ROM file you have extracted

2. Now switch off device and Enter into Download Mode
- Enter into Download Mode by pressing Volume Down button, Home Key and
Power Button simultaneously. And then, press Volume UP button in Warning Page to enter the Download Mode.

3. Connect the device to PC via Data Cable.
Make sure that the one of communication port [ID:COM] box is highlighted in
light blue. The device is now connected with the PC and ready to download the
binary file into the device.

4. Start downloading binary file into the device by clicking Start Button on the screen.
the green colored "PASS!" sign will appear on the upper-left box if the binary file
has been successfully downloaded into the device.

Ignore re-pertition,PIT, phone and CSC tab selected in this image

5. Disconnect the device from the Data cable.
6. Once the device boots up, you can check the version of the binary file or name
by pressing the following code in sequence;
You can perform full reset by pressing the following code in sequence;

Flashing firmware with Mobile odin to keep root intact and flash counter untouched - Here

Flashing with heimdall - Here -(thanks to as i9000)

First thing I do recommend just after flashing ROM
-Register to samsung A/C and enable Remote control
Here is detail guide.
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