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So.... This basically means the future of CM10 on this device is basically down the toilet?
no. xplodwild is still there.

It's not about samsung or sony.
It's about the soc used. In our case exynos.

Samsung doesn't provide proper sources or documentation for their own platform.
And if they do after it's much to late, it's outdated and incompatible.

Compare the qualcom or omap based samsung phones vs. the exynos ones.
All qualcom and omap based samsung phones got jellybean and butter in zero time.
We're still fighting with exynos and the i9100 guys have to wait another months if it will get jellybean at all.
I assume samsung is skipping it and will only do a value pack. There's no single line of code or a leak yet.
It's a shame.

I9100g (omap4, same hardware as i9100) got jellybean pretty instant. opensource hwcomposer, opensource audio, butter, working tvout
I9100: (exynos4, same hardware as i9100g) buggy jellybean, closed source and incompatible audio, no butter, no tvout, bugs which will never be solved.

what do we learn from this?
Don't buy exynos phones.

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I don't know it either, that's why I was asking ... though I highly doubt that. Sony is not really known for embracing open source or any other open standards for that matter ...

the xperia s is becoming a aosp device. sony is contributing a lot to aosp.
sony is releaseing official beta firmwares. sony cares about the community developers.

the xperia t kernel sources are damn close to qualcom reference code.
kernel sources are already out and the device isn't available in most countries yet.
if it goes well, that could be the next aosp device which gets support after it hit the market.
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