HyperLite Slim flavour

One of the things kristofpetho posted earlier, HyperGalaxy was ment to provide other users a base rom which they can fill with their own apps and tweaks. From that perspective and with the excellent suggestions from jult (thanks again), I've uploaded a slim version which you can use as a base. I've left the market in (vending.apk) so you can add you're own apps before or after flashing. Without addition, the ROM itself is too stripped for daily use.

- 180MB
- Stock rooted and insecure kernel
- Stock touchwiz
- Stock Samsung keyboard
- Removed compilers leftover
- Stripped out (extra to 0.7 normal): ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk, MusicFX.apk, MusicPlayer.apk, SamsungCamera.apk, SecBrowser.apk, SecCalculator2.apk, SecCalendar.apk, SecCalendarProvider.apk, SecEmail.apk, SecExchange.apk, SecLiveWallpapersPicker.apk, SecSetupWizard.apk, SPlanner2widget.apk, VideoPlayer.apk. You can get these from: http://www.mediafire.com/?8368aelabyenc.

Download from dev-host folder: http://d-h.st/users/j0ep0/?fld_id=5820#files

Feedback and suggestions are welcome!