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What entropy is trying to convey here is regarding samsung's attitude and commitment towards dev community...
Samsung promised him and other developers that they will fix the bug and release an update..however the affected devices are stillwaiting for that update 3 months down the line...they promise of something and never deliver..
That emmc bug is nothing to do with this mission of getting the documentation regarding exynos chipset..

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Yeah. Much of it is about broken promises and misleading the community.

When Samsung donated a handful of I9100s to users, it got played up HEAVILY as "Samsung is developer friendly!" - Many people bought Samsung products because of this. However, it turned out to be a PR stunt... Throwing a handful of devices over the wall requires almost no effort, and doesn't really benefit the community that much.

You know, at the very least, they would have used their "trusted developer contacts" within the community to identify bugs in the field that somehow escaped the lab because they only show up when you have thousands of devices in play. See, for example, the common fuel_alerted wakelock bug on Exynos 4210 devices. This issue has been known (and fixed by the community) for over a year, and Samsung still hasn't fixed it in their own firmwares.

Meanwhile, other manufacturers ARE setting clear standards and putting serious effort into cooperating with the community.
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