Audio Poor manīs external DAC

Not comparing to anything of decent quality, but I always liked the "pure" feeling of the sound on my Microsoft Lifechat headset.

Well, it failed (canīt handle a 90Kg person walking on the dark, it seems) but I saved the USB to Audio part for some use.

Good surprise, when I came from the i-World to the S3, to find out that it supports OTG and USB-Audio - and the headset was instantly recognized.

All that was left was to attach a P2 jack to the small box and connect it to the Aux-in of the car stereo. Now I have clear high-ends that werenīt clear when using the S3īs headphone connector.

So, I am very happy with the quality of the result - although I am not saying in any way that the Lifechat can be compared to anything professional. Itīs just that it was a cheap solution and a great result for the price.

Just thought Iīd share!


S3 running Polandīs JB. Please someone, port Sammyīs camera and unlock notifications to CM10!