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17th October 2012, 11:48 AM |#2709  
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I feel it's about time someone wrote a glossary of Asylum specific terms, don't you think? So, without further ado, I give you

Asylum Glossary v1.1.6

Most of the following original words and expressions were coined by distressed users in times of crisis - brick looming - so typos which gave us this colorful little collection are quite understandable. The origin of these words is lost in the mists of time, but we'd nevertheless like to thank their creators for their unintentional inventivnality and originess. We also like to think that all of them got out of their respective shtooks and lived happily ever after.

Also, our special thanks and eternal gratitude goes to Alcoholic Anonymous 1973, who went to great lengths to collect and preserve these linguistic pearls for posterity.

A word of caution: Don't drink tea and read Asylum Glossary, it might render you impotent!1!

.exe ----> files some would like to run on N7000
15 lockscreens ---> notorious 15 tongles™
abond ---> abandon
ad nosium ---> ad nauseam (native American speaker)
adiction ---> addition
adive ---> advice
AOSP ---> ASAP (fanx, AA)
aourcea ---> source
ASAP ---> Android Open Source Project, it's only logical
apollo, Aokp ----> custom kernels
appoint u ---> point you (in the direction of...)
arnie (schwarzenegger) ---> CPU governor
asp ---> not a snake, it's an app
back round ---> background
bag ---> back
barmen ---> amen
basement ROM ---> Rom base, as in ICS, JB or whatever
BeerGong ----> inventor of the niftiest little flashing tool in the known Universe, BeerBong
benetit ---> benefit
bettery train ---> when your phone develops a lot of wakelocks (thx Markus)
Billy Jean ---> Jelly Bean
binfo, ifno, iformatiosn ---> information
black curse ---> black crush
boltware ---> crapware
boob, boop, boom ---> boot
boobanimation, bootammunition ---> obvious, init? Thanks, Markus.
bootloocker ---> locked bootloader
brake, brock, breaked, breaken ---> various forms of the word break
braziliansexwax ----> one of the CPU governors
brink ---> brick (thx User_99)
broplem ----> issue
brother ---> browser
brute ---> root
burpday ---> birthday
C3PO ----> r3p0
care fool ---> careful
cash, chache, catch, cashe, catche ----> cache
cobbler ---> make clobber
compressed ---> compelled (to say, to ask, etc)
compitale ---> compatible
concertive ---> one of the governors
contributinv ---> contribution
convulsive ---> compulsive
coogatno ---> connect
copypasta ---> copy & paste, thanks AA
corbolt ---> cobalt
Crack ---> Chrack
Crapsung, Samsuck, Soupsong ---> ginormous company we all know and love (Crapple loves them, too)
Crapple ---> makers of iPhone, iPad and iPoop (for all your hot downloads)
Cryogen ---> CyanogenMod
culture ---> clutter
customer ---> custom, as in Rome™ or kennel®
CWRP ---> lovechild of CWMR and TWRP
david, delvik, volvik, dalvic, devlik, devils, dalvyk, dilvek, dalvick, dillvak, delwik, dalvin, dilvich, devalk -----> dalvik
debegging ---> debugging
deep clean ---> full wife™ with system format
defecated ---> deprecated
depository ---> repo
derogation ---> degradation
destruction, introduction ---> instruction
Deutschmark ---> a benchmark test that Euro failed miserably
disbale, disabilitate ---> disable
dissent ---> doesn't
do the dirty ----> flash a Rom with just cache wipe
dumb ---> dump
dump ---> dumb, obviously
Dumbuntu ---> Ubuntu
Durex ---> Nexus (thx Sasha)
ecind ---> 2nd
emergencial ---> a matter of some urgency
emissions ---> permissions
epidemic ---> academic
espresso ---> express
eunuchs ---> Unix
explications ---> explanations
explanation ---> exclamation
exxon ---> exynos
eyeball ---> our very own rocket man, eybee1970
FaceBoob ---> obvious, init?
FC mutilvier ---> local football club? (thanks kopitalk and AA) multiview FC?
film manager ---> those useful little things like Root Browser or Root Explorer
fink ---> think
filling ---> feeling
firrugting out ---> trying to understand
flaah, flush, flesh ---> flash
flushable, flasheavel, fleshable ---> flashable
fools, stools ----> tools
fouler ---> not a football player committing atrocities, it's a folder
fox ---> fix
Freaking Annoying Questions ---> FAQ (thanks, AA)
freexpire project ---> Free Experia Project
fred, threat, treaht ---> thread
frick out ---> to go bonkers
full-wife -----> to do a factory reset, wipe cache and dalvik
full-wipe ----> your wife, obviously
fully stoke ---> completely stock
future -----> feature (thanks, Sasha)
fyn ---> fine
gasps --- Gapps
GB 4.0.4 ---> your guess is as good as mine...ICS?
genuity ----> authenticity, genuineness
glass ---> class
glue ---> clue
GPS aviation ---> obvious, innit?
grape ---> great
Greek god ---> Thor
hability ---> natural or acquired skill or talent (thanks BB)
harward ---> hardware
Hap! ---> a desperate cry for assistance
hectic, baltic ---> haptic, of course
herp ---> not short for herpes, it's a derp
hw compressor, he composer, hwmozart ---> hwcomposer
hyper core, hydrocore ---> HC kennel™
i/o governor ---> scheduler
imperical ---> empirical
impotent, impertant ---> important
imprbemet ---> implement
inductions ---> instructions
inutile.d ---> init.d
Iraq ---> XXLRQ
JBroid colon cleaner ---> famous preparatory stool™ for kernel flashing (thanks for this gem AA)
Jelly Bear ---> BB's Roma™
Jerkins ---> CM build server
Jerry Bean ---> JB
Kangnam Style ---> zipodexed and dealigned TW Roms with SGS3 launcher and Note 2 live wallpaper (or versa-vice?). And with 15 lockscreens.
kernall, kennel, kern, colonel, cernel, colon, kerner -----> kernel (the last one is mine)
keybored ---> that little thing you use for typing stuff
lackscream begground ---> lockscreen background
Lagwiz ---> Samsung's stock framework (thanks AA)
lake foot ---> make root
lansator ---> launcher
lick ---> link
lift shopping ---> shop lifting, obviously
Linario, Lunaro ---> compiling toolchain
lollary & roflness ---> hilarity
low and beyond ---> lo and behold
lowcut, bogcat ---> logcat
lunch ---> to start an app
luz active q ---> lulzactiveq
mantova --- > most of them
maralia ---> malaria
MC (as in Master of Ceremonies) ---> CyanogenMod
MC servis ---> Jenkins
medioker ---> mediocre
mirrow ---> mirror
Mobile Olin ---> CF's little gadget for flashing stuff
modern ---> modem
mortification ---> notification
muise ---> mouse
MUIU ---> MIUI, obviously
multi widows ---> the most famous Omni cherry pick
n7000 cup ---> not some annual sporting event sponsored by Samsuck®, but N7000 CPU
N7000OJPLR8 ---> a mysterious Rom with no kennel™ (?)
na droid ---> backup
navy bar ---> not a pub frequented by sailors as some might think, but a navigation bar
nerd ---> need
night lies, noughties, nighties, keiras ----> Nightlies
noob -----> one of the I/O schedulers
noop -----> n00b
nose ---> news
not her ---> another (native English speaker in the wee hours of the 2013 NYE celebration)
O yay ---> OK (Oy vey?)
ommit ---> commit
ore™, hase™, quastion™ ----> or, has, question; linguistic peculiarities of a colorful police-dog trainer who is sadly no longer with us.
official JellyBean 2.3.6 ---> ? GB?
onion ---> opinion
otherwhere ---> elsewhere
overlooked ---> overclocked
overwall ---> overall
pacific ---> specific
panaroma ---> a view of an entire surrounding area
ParanormalAndroid ----> PA
patients ----> not referring to Asylum's patience actually (thanks OG)
patrician --- > partition
phazle colcmod ---> philz recovery
piggie ---> biggie
pixies ---> pixels
PMS ---> private message
pogrom ---> program
pool ---> poll
protect butler ---> project butter
purgative ---> prerogative
Qad, an Tutu ---> stoopid benchmarks
R2D2 ----> 1. little android on the download mode screen; 2. r2p4
razt ---> rest, see 'not her'
reboob, rebbot, rebate, rebook, robot, rebooze ------> reboot
Recognized Member ---> AA1973
realse canadit ---> release candidate (native American speaker)
reseat ---> reset
responsible ---> responsive
revocery, clock bod, crm, curtain (this one is a complete mystery) ---> CWMR
roof ---> root
Room, Rome, Mom, Rim, Rum ---> Rom
rum desk ---> ramdisk
quadrant ---> quad
sauce ---> source (thanks, Beto)
screen shops ---> screenshots
sdcat ---> SD card
shasmodo, chasmado, chase, quasimodo, cheshire, Dr Chal, chaos ----> your humble interlocutor
shemales ---> shameless
sitting ---> setting
Snapdrasong ---> Snapdragon
spellar and gramming ---> grammar and spelling
standyby intelligent ---> smart stay
steam line ---> not a route regularly taken by an old ship or train, it's streamline
sticked, stucked, stock, stucken, stocked ---> stuck
summit ---> commit
suppository ---> repository
suspection ---> suspicion
swamp ---> swap
swipe data, swipe catch™ ---> do a full-wife™
testes ---> not what you think, it's testers
thaw, thoe, thought ---> though
there ---> they're, their, there
think ---> thick
threw ---> through
till ---> tell
tipalia ---> tilapia, aka G3 Nexus 7
tongles, toogles, toggels ----> toggles
tw reciever ---> TWRP
tyre ---> try
un-/charge ---> discharge
undercarriage ---> undervolt
undergrade ---> downgrade
utaka, ukata, ucatak, uckata, utaska, ultaka ---> our one and only supplier of PA night lies©, utacka
vague ---> rogue
wedgie ---> widget
verse ---> version
warlock, wavelock ---> wakelock
weep, wyppe ---> wipe
what tell ---> wait till
whine, women & song ---> complaining
whinked ---> thought
wipe bug of dead, wippe bug, unholy bug of reset android issue ---> brickbug
wired ---> weird
wisdumb ---> some knowledge, but not much
witch ---> with
wrongtone ---> ringtone
wurk, uork, wrek, wrk, vork, werk ---> work
Xpissed Framerate ---> Xposed Framework
zipline ---> zipalign
zipodexed and dealigned ---> what every custom TW Roma must be by default (thanks, AA)

That's all I can think of for now, but please bear in mind that this is a progress in work (PIW), and I'll be adding shiny new words as soon as AA1973 collects them. Inmates, feel free to link this post, spread the word(s) and enlighten the uninitiated.

Sincerely yours,
Asylum EST Dpt, Central Wing, lower basement
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