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The thing is, I use facebook frequently so don't want to uninstall it. Since flashing to jb, I have had to disable Google now, location services and various other things which I didn't have to with ics! What's the point of a smart phone if you can't have anything installed/running!
Install Tasker and Secure Settings. Create a Tasker profile to use the SS plugin and freeze Facebook when the screen is turned off. Create a Task to unfreeze FB, wait half a second and the open FB app. On your homescreen create a Tasker widget to run the second task, and make the icon for the task the FB app icon.

I've done the above, and it means I can run FB on my phone but as soon as I turn the screen off the app is frozen and it can't drain my battery. I do the same for Google Maps for similar reasons.
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3
Rom: Omni 4.4,
Kernal: Stock